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  1. HemiJJ

    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    Ryan - Getting ready to get my driveshaft made. Did you not remove the helicoils in the tone ring to allow you to use nuts and longer bolts? The M12 bolts that come with the GFORCE adapter look to be about the exact length if it was fine to use the tone ring as the only means of securing it all...
  2. HemiJJ

    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    Ok, so another question that I’m not sure about. With the old oil pan having the dust cover and support integrated, what did you do with the Holley pan to cover the TC?
  3. HemiJJ

    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    Thanks! You are sure a great resource to have! Any chance you can post a picture of where you ran your shifter cable through the firewall? I’m planning to swap my factory buddy seat for a center console and a very similar install to yours and want to make sure I locate the cable in a spot that...
  4. HemiJJ

    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    Thanks Ryan. What did you use for your trans filler tube?
  5. HemiJJ

    Just found this Hemi swap forum - My Hemi Swap 68

    Going a very similar route with my 70 Coronet 500. Struggling with exhaust manifolds hitting the PS box and looking at the headers as plan B. Do you have any photos of the fit near the PS box and the starter you can share? Thanks for the great content here and Youtube. I've watched them each...
  6. HemiJJ

    FOR SALE 28in Radiator Shroud 3673819

    As the subject says, it is a 3673819. Thanks
  7. HemiJJ

    FOR SALE 28in Radiator Shroud 3673819

    I have a nice clean radiator shroud. Looking for $75 plus shipping from Michigan. Thanks!
  8. HemiJJ

    WTB 1970 Non-Rally Radio Delete Bezel

    I plan to recover it, so condition does not have to be perfect. Thanks
  9. HemiJJ

    Steering Rub on Headers

    After having my engine out this winter, I decided new motor mounts would be a good idea. The issue is the engine sits a tad higher than before, so my long headers that have the one tube the runs under the steering link (drivers side) is now rubbing. I was thinking about option 1: using a hammer...
  10. HemiJJ

    70 Coronet Small Block Cooling Fan Size

    I think I discovered the correct one and snagged one off eBay. I got an 18in 7 blade 46237. I will let you know if that does not work out.
  11. HemiJJ

    727 tranny pans

    I went with a cheaper chrome pan with a drain off amazon this winter and ended up having to tweak it a bit to get it flat and also had to invest in a better gasket to get it not to leak. IMO these are too thin and flex too much even if you sneak up on the torque. I did manage to get it to work...
  12. HemiJJ

    Not Mopar Related BUT Engine Related, VHT Gloss Clear.....

    I used the clear over my refreshed 318 this winter and I was happy with it. When I was priming my fuel system before the first start, my carb feed leaked gas all over the intake (also painted with same clear). It was probably sitting on the intake for 2 minutes and I was extremely happy that the...
  13. HemiJJ

    70 Coronet Small Block Cooling Fan Size

    My 70 Coronet had a 74 28in setup transplanted at some point and it recently sprung leak. I'm going back to a 26in like it would have had in it. The OER shrouds have a 20.25in opening but my fan is all of that in not larger. I'm guessing the 70 318 had a smaller fan. Anyone know the size (maybe...
  14. HemiJJ

    FOR SALE 70 Coronet Hood

    I have a 70 Coronet stock hood with some surface rust by straight. Located in Rockford, MI I don’t have a good option to ship, so pick up only. Thanks $1000
  15. HemiJJ

    How about just a random picture. NOT the entire car

    Still a little shine in that 51 year old paint.
  16. HemiJJ

    Day 1 of 10 Forecasted For Rain

    Day 1 and already feeling anxious for a drive. May have to roll up the windows and make it happen. :)
  17. HemiJJ

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    I think my car is a little upset about all the rain here in Michigan! Some say she always looks a little angry!
  18. HemiJJ

    Interesting 70 Coronet 500 Rear Trim Panel Version

    Anyone know if this was a mid year change? Just curious what others may know.