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    Can you tell what this engine (383) and Trans (727) may have been in (originally)--I have numbers

    Trans is 71-72 C body 440. So that is a great trans to have. engine is from LA plant so it’s from a B or E body with N code engine 4bbl.
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    Factory A/C heater box help

    Accordion, flexible, be careful they can rip easily. A/C car only. Nothing like a non ac car over there.
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    Heater hose

    If you car is factory heater core and engine it has a 1/2 and a 5/8” heater hose, AC and non AC. If it’s been swapped then no telling what is there. Mopar didn't use 3/4” heater hose, at least mid 70’s back to late 50’s.
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    Fuel line help on 67 Coronet R/T (440)

    Factory had a filter with rubber lines on each end below the alternator standing straight up.
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    727 governor lube-----what do you use?

    ATF is the obvious choice. The same thing the trans will be pumping through it.
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    Wrinkle Black Valve Cover Paint

    The touch up idea will not work out to well with wrinkle paint. This paint needs a heavy even coat without runs to wrinkle. So the edges of your spray where the paint is light will not wrinkle, but it will fill in the wrinkle it is going over. maybe better than bare spots. When you use this...
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    1967 Dodge Charger Steering Wheel

    Yes use catalyzed paint. And the 1967 wheel is smooth so you can restore that wheel yourself pretty easily.
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    Racing a Post or Hardtop, is one better ?

    I ran hardtops and 4 door sedan b bodies in the 12’s with no bar or frame ties and slicks. The 4 door was definitely more rigid.
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    Starter motor and Alternator rebuild parts query 62 Dart 318

    Rockauto has starter and alternator parts listed for 62 Dodge 318. The stock alt and starter are fine and I use them. Many folks have ideas on swapping. Seems a waste of effort to me.
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    Steering leak

    @dadsbee made a nice step by step post on replacing that seal where the column connects to the box. Power Steering Input Shaft - Seal Replacement he makes it look easy in these photos, but doing it in the car takes some finesse Due to tight quarters. I pulled my seal out with one screw in it...
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    Dash Frame Color

    The dash and column use the same suede paint, your sheet shows the column color as B7. It should not shine like the outside of the car or the upper door frames.
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    old school looking tires that grip

    Well it looks like you need to start in the tire manufacturing business. There just isn’t a tire like that made in this world. And for the worst traction possible, gets you some radial T/A tires!
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    SOLD TRW .060 440 pistons

    They are still good pistons, I’d be a buyer at .030 over.
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    SOLD TRW .060 440 pistons

    Six pack pistons have valve reliefs. 2355F
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    First Alignment with new Suspension-Epic Fail!!!

    I went to auto mechanics school in the old days when cars were fully adjustable. Doing an alignment meant setting all 3 factors, caster, camber and toe. You had to think to do this and make the car drive good. Now an “alignment“ is setting the toe. These people have no idea what the word means.
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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    67 b-bodies generally have the core support number stamped on the top surface. All of mine do, LA and ST Louis plants.
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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    Yes it’s true. 67 gtx could have them but not 67 R/T. Just what they did. Like no rally dash in 68-69 roadrunner, but standard on a 1970. no 70 GTX or sport satellite convertible.
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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    Looks good, came with 3.23 gears new. those look like GM SEATS
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    WTB Inland 4 speed shifter Internal Spring

    This spring that is mentioned goes inside the shifter mechanism. Not the spring inside the handle for the reverse lockout cable.
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    FOR SALE 440 Block

    That’s not a 440 block either.