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  1. Mojoe9955

    Cost Effective Cable Kickdown Solution for 727/904 - OEM Mopar parts

    I'm looking for a solution for a missing kickdown setup for a project. I saw the BPE setup and had some sticker shock, and am thinking I can make this stuff. Long story short, had a 2001 Dodge van I sent to the scrap yard with these parts still on it. I swapped the transmission into another van...
  2. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE Misc 68/69 B body stuff

    I moved on to A Bodies have misc B body parts leftover Hood hinges, fan shroud with piece missing from the bottom, useable though. Automatic steering column missing shifter lever on the bottom. Leaf springs, torsion bars, strut rods, seats...see interior parts. Master cylinder for front...
  3. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE new SB top end

    What are the sprin I sent a PM. Thanks
  4. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 68/69 front bence and backseat

    Rough set of seats that need restored/ recovering. Nice headrests and good tracks. Maybe $400
  5. Mojoe9955

    Concern over "New" 68-70 B-body motor mounts from China....

    It's your civic duty as an American to complain about those damn "commies". When I was a kid it was the Japanese, now they are in Nascar..."the nerve"
  6. Mojoe9955

    SOLD 1968 #'s matching 383 Roadrunner

    Is this car still available?
  7. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 64 Plymouth Savoy roller

    Still for Sale?
  8. Mojoe9955

    68 plymouth, I moved my rear axle.

    Oh no, not aftermarket seats... they look great! Where did you get?
  9. Mojoe9955

    69/70 Bench seat covers?

    I know the design is probably different. My question is  will a 70 B body bench seat cover fit a 69 bench seat? Thanks
  10. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 1966 Dodge Coronet 440

  11. Mojoe9955

    Transportation thread. Wanted/Available

    Shepherd Texas to Atlantic City NJ Non-running Plymouth. Open is fine. Thanks
  12. Mojoe9955

    Transportation thread. Wanted/Available

    Long Beach Cali to Atlantic City NJ Running Duster. Open is fine. Thanks
  13. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 1965 Dodge Coronet

    Match, Do you have a title? What does the cowl look like? I'm replacing one a on a 65 now...hard to find in good shape and definitely not fun
  14. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 1964 plymouth Savoy project S.E. Tx

    Are you looking for the buyer of the car to pay the fees?
  15. Mojoe9955

    Rear main seal leak and need advice

    I think you use to pull the upper part of the old seal out, then pull the new one in...with motor still in the car
  16. Mojoe9955

    Rear main seal

    Anyone ever use one of these?
  17. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 1970Road Runner project

    The glass?
  18. Mojoe9955

    FOR SALE 64 B body tinted glass

    If the cowl is decent, I would be interested in that. Thanks