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  1. badmopar67

    Cbody headrests

    Hi I'm trying to locate a member on here but I'm having a hard time doing it he goes by the name of Challengersteve I can't even find a way to PM him can anybody give me a heads up how I can locate him he posted he had a set of headrests for a 67 Cbody it was about six months ago but it never...
  2. badmopar67

    67 Beltline molding

    Not mine but a really good buy and hard to find
  3. badmopar67

    Have you ever found a die cast car that matches your car?

    Took me a long time to find one but I did
  4. badmopar67

    Wiper motor numbers

    Thanks I couldn't find it on the part number chart
  5. badmopar67

    Wiper motor numbers

    Hi just going through some of my parts and I came across this wiper motor I checked part numbers on my Mopar site and it doesn't have this part number listed it was in my 67 coronet when I bought it can anybody identify #2822 930
  6. badmopar67

    FOR SALE 66 coronet 500 belt moulding

    (Sold). Just checking interest before I put these on eBay is a very nice complete set of coronet 500 beltline molding No clips included can be applied with 3M 1/2" double-sided molding tape Asking 80.00 plus shipping which wouldn't be that expensive will ship in small PVC pipe from Port...
  7. badmopar67

    Moulding question?

  8. badmopar67

    Moulding question?

    Thanks I just want to confirm the correct identification and they are not part of the cat whiskers They actually lay on the top of the door edge
  9. badmopar67

    Clock fix

    What I have done over the last 15 years that I've had my Clock rebuilt to the standard mechanism I never leave my car with the battery connected I only connect it when I drive it I don't really want my car sitting for 2 to 3 weeks at a time with power going through the system to this day my...
  10. badmopar67

    Moulding question?

    Just wondering what the correct name for the molding that runs along the top of the door and rear window parallel with the cat whiskers on the 66 coronet 500 I know this is a picture of a members car and that it's a 67 and they're not correct for the year but I kind of think they really look...
  11. badmopar67

    Moulding question?

    Just wondering what the correct name for the molding that runs along the top of the door and rear window parallel with the cat whiskers on the 66 coronet 500 Thanks
  12. badmopar67

    If you could buy another B Body what would it be.

    A 68 bright blue metallic (B5) road runner 4speed, blue Interior, bench seat with the original 383 would suit me just right That was the car back in 1970 that started the Mopar sickness with me!
  13. badmopar67

    66 satellite for sale

    For sale 66 satellite not mine but I figure I would post it found this thumbing around through craigslist https://spacecoast.craigslist.org/cto/6153857620.html
  14. badmopar67


    Sometimes I wonder if A would be better to part our cars out then to sell them!
  15. badmopar67

    Anybody tried new glass from Autocity on Ebay?

    That's funny I just purchase an aluminum radiator from the same people it's well built and I checked through the feedback before I bought it and I didn't see any people complaining about the fit of any glass that they bought. If you want go back to eBay under the name of the company it'll...
  16. badmopar67

    FOR SALE 67 R/T seats

    Not mine but if you lived in the area this might be worth looking at https://www.ebay.com/itm/252924712208
  17. badmopar67

    Finally Got The Lakewoods Detailed

    Looks really good it's all in the detail!
  18. badmopar67

    WTB 67 26"fan shroud

    looking for fan shroud for a 26 inch radiator for a 67 coronet let me know what you have thanks
  19. badmopar67

    Best Fuel Line Hose