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    FOR SALE Carter AVS for sale

    Sold. Thanks.
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    FOR SALE 1/64 scale Mopars for sale

    Thanks, but I'd rather sell them as a lot.
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    SOLD Vintage dodge/plymouth novelty plates

    Those are pretty slick.
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    FOR SALE 1/64 scale Mopars for sale

    Let me know. Thanks.
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    FOR SALE Carter AVS for sale

    Back on the market. The carb fits in a medium Priority Flat mail box.
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    FOR SALE Carter AVS for sale

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    FOR SALE 1/64 scale Mopars for sale

    I have a collection of about 400 1/64th scale Mopars and recently bought part of a friend's collection. I already had some of them and don't have room for them all. Here's what I have left. 26 cards / boxes. 44 loose (excellent condition). $100 even, plus shipping. A total steal if you break it...
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    FOR SALE Carter AVS for sale

    This Carter AVS was on the '68 Charger I had owned a few years ago. I believe it's a 650. Asking $40 firm, plus shipping. Thanks.
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    AC belts for Classic Auto Air on 69 Bee?

    I bought a Classic Auto Air AC system for the stroked 440 in my '69 Bee. The stock AC belts are too long because the new pump is slightly closer to the alternator. Do you have any advice on getting belts to fit? I asked Classic Auto Air when I bought the system. They said they couldn't tell...
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    MA Mopar site down

    Looks like the Massachusetts Mopar site is down again. Anyone from there over here? I wonder if it's worth exchanging e-mail addresses in case the site goes down in the future.
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    My Z bar won't fit with new Ladewood bell housing

    I have a message into the makers of Lakewood. I'd really like to use my center force clutch, Z bar and everything else, since I redid all of it about three years ago.
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    My Z bar won't fit with new Ladewood bell housing

    I upgraded to a Lakewood SFI bell housing for my big block stroker. Unfortunately, my stock Z bar doesn't want to mount in the stock location. Anyone experienced with this? Do I need a different Z bar? Thanks.
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    Fuel line for Quick Fuel 830?

    I have a Quick Fuel 830 for my new big block stroker. I'm looking for a fuel line kit to go from the fuel filter to the carb. It needs to connect in two places on the carb. I'd like a line, rather than braided and flexible. Thanks for any recommendations you have.
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    Compressing 6 pack style air cleaner gasket?

    Figured it out. The engine sat high because I still had it jacked up a bit, since I haven't bolted everything together (bellhousing, tranny, etc.) and fit it all together with the tti headers. Duh!
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    Compressing 6 pack style air cleaner gasket?

    I posted this on the A12 site and thought I'd ask here too. I'm putting a 522 stroker in my non-A12 Bee. Going with a Quick Fuel 830 4bbl carb on top of an Edelbrock intake, and a Hybrid Fiberglass Solutions air cleaner. I believe the combo underneath the air cleaner is a little taller...
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    Which muffler survey

    So I bought a 3" system from tti with Dynomaxes, along with their headers. Also planning to install cut outs. The 522 has to breathe.
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    He founded the MA Mopar club I'm in and died a couple of years ago from cancer. His Road Runner was sold, but his family ready to work on a Duster that he had.
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    Dowel pins for 440 block and Lakewood safety bellhousing

    That's what I meant. I'll treat it very carefully. It's not a $20 tool from Sears. He's a mechanic and said it was pretty expensive.