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  1. Hemi 354

    What size fuel pump should I be getting?

    Yes, absolutely
  2. Hemi 354

    How fast?

    Yes, Mine is consistent. In past months, I replaced by Edelbrock 750 AFB (about 20 years old), with a new AVS2. Just flip my switches for Master IGN, MSD, Fuel Pump - step on the throttle once, then hit my start button. BAM !
  3. Hemi 354

    How fast?

    I have a 383 in my 66 Belvedere w/MSD. My engine fires in about 1 1/2 to 2 turns. BAM !
  4. Hemi 354

    Hood scoop Coronet 66-67

    Here is a RO/WO scoop on my 66 Belvedere. Gotta' love it.
  5. Hemi 354

    Cooling C FM

    I run dual electric fans, each at 1600 CFM. 3 row radiator and 180 thermostat. I live in Texas....no problem with cooling.
  6. Hemi 354

    WTB 1966 Steering Column - Column shift w/ Power Steering

    I need a 1966 (one year only) steering column for a Belvedere/Satellite. It has to be a column shift, automatic trans with Power Steering. This particular one must have the shift rod connecting about 1/2 up the column on the outboard side--not at the end of the shaft. I would buy a new one...
  7. Hemi 354

    Where did you learn to swim?

    About the age of 8, I was sent to the YMCA for a weeklong activity. One of those activities was at the pool --and I was terrified. The instructor asked for a volunteer to demonstrate something.....NO takers, so he picked me. That was NOT my best day. The NAVY was OUT after that point...
  8. Hemi 354


    I had mine removed when I was about 10, back in the 50's. I don't recall the reason other then they were swollen. They removed my adenoids at the same time. I have no issues with sinus or breathing.
  9. Hemi 354

    First cars

    '49 Ford club coupe. Flathead V8. Bought it for $25.
  10. Hemi 354

    Edelbrock AVS2

    I removed my 1407 750 CFM AFB from my 383 and installed a 650CFM AVS2 along with a Aeromotive regulator set to 5 1/2 #. I wish I had done it sooner. My 750 was a PITA and could never get it right.
  11. Hemi 354

    Edelbrock AVS2

    Summit also offers Vet discounts.....you just have to speak to a real person and ask.
  12. Hemi 354

    Edelbrock AVS2

    Quick note: If price is a determining factor, --and if you are a Veteran, ask for the Veterans discount. Most instances will result in about a 10% discount.
  13. Hemi 354

    1966 Charger. Rough idle, won't stay on.

    Got to start with the BASICS for sure. Firing order (18436572), Vacuum leaks, timing, any fouled plugs?
  14. Hemi 354

    383 Engine Vin

    69 and following years have the VIN at the back of the block.
  15. Hemi 354

    New Member From Texas

    Welcome from Highland Village, Tx. (DFW area).
  16. Hemi 354

    WTB 1966 B-Body automatic steering column assy

    I believe you will find that the 66 is a 1-year only column. The 67 is slightly larger (in diameter) and will also collapse. I myself have been looking for a 66 column, column shift with Power Steering.
  17. Hemi 354

    Health scare! Surreal Monday.

    JESUS..LemonWedge. That actually made me cry a little to hear that. My wife (age 71) went though the same thing, and 6 months later, the Stint was blocked again. Then it was time for Open Heart surgery. Keep the faith, Amigo.
  18. Hemi 354

    Tearing down a BB labor shop rate in your area?

    $100 - $125 here in N. Texas. Building is one thing, but have you given any thought that once it's build and running, what if something isn't quite right ---will he come back on you for resolution? If it was a friend, OK. If it was someone I did NOT know, I would hedge my bets.
  19. Hemi 354

    215/70R15 on a 67 Belvedere II

    I have 235/60R/15 on my 66 with no issues.
  20. Hemi 354

    car started ran 3 minutes died, dont have 12 at coil

    I used to go to the used car lots late at night (back in the 50's, early 60s), and wanted to hear what some of them sounded like. I wasn't going to steal them, but I could I wanted to. Just hot wire it. Clip a wire from the + side of the battery, to the + side of the coil.....them use a...