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  1. PurpleBeeper

    I found my rear axle noise

  2. PurpleBeeper

    Puzzling Super stock spring issue

    Take some measurements. I'm wondering if one of those springs was labelled wrong at the factory???
  3. PurpleBeeper

    standard or mushroom lifters

    The "mushroom lifter" cams aren't really used anymore. They required permanent modification to the engine block. People figured out that roller cams work much better roughly 30 yrs. ago. My 2-cents --> If you have enough cash to build a hilborned injected 426 max wedge ($50,000'ish engine)...
  4. PurpleBeeper

    Anyone care to weigh in on an old school build?

    That is a big cam and not street friendly. Same with the compression ratio. What do you want to do with the car? Street? Strip? Long distance cruising?
  5. PurpleBeeper

    Rod balancing

    I've never done this. I always "thought" you took the weight off the bottom of the cap and/or the flat spot on the small end as needed. I remember people "polishing rods", so I just assumed removing the numbers on the sides of the rods would be fine. I would have guessed that forging seems...
  6. PurpleBeeper

    Article on piston alloy comparison, and your real world experiences

    I run 2618 forged and plan to buy my next set 2618 as well because of nitrous. I do notice some "piston slap" when the engine is cold....which can make a little nervous wondering if you have a wrist pin loose or a rocker arm bent....but it goes away in a couple minutes. I just never, ever rev...
  7. PurpleBeeper

    Nitrous Express said Holley told them the spacer plates will fit our 2bbl carbs

    i will try to take another pic. I just used a small momentary on push button switch, the smallest I could find. The pistol grip handles are hollow, so I just carefully drilled a hole in the left half of the handle and put the button in the "trigger" location. The wires are a little ugly. I...
  8. PurpleBeeper

    1972 Electronic Ignition Upgrade

    I think your factory ignition is just fine. Maybe change to one of the better orange/chrome/gold boxes or something? That would be a simple plug-in. Otherwise, maybe a MSD-6something ignition?
  9. PurpleBeeper

    It was a great weekend racing, then it wasn't

    Damn....sorry to see that
  10. PurpleBeeper

    Anyone ever try to wrap a glass bumper to make it chrome?

    I'm not an expert on wraps, but in general, "chrome look" things won't be quite as shiny except for maybe PVD (phase vapor deposition) of aluminum onto the bumper. I REALLY like your idea of "stock looking" glass bumpers
  11. PurpleBeeper

    New "problem"...blowing oil and the dipstick out its tube when I mat the gas pedal...

    Definitely blowby….but as mentioned, make absolutely sure your PCV valve sucks and your breather allows fresh air into the other side of the crankcase
  12. PurpleBeeper

    Max Wedge port Indy SRs

  13. PurpleBeeper

    Help ! Edlebrock performer Intake too high for Ramcharger air Help!

    Oh, I've been here before. Only the stock intake & maybe the CH4B + one other stock height aluminum intake will fit. With a stock intake, you have about 1/2"-1" extra clearance. At 1" the hood will rub the decals off your air cleaner, but the hood will still close.
  14. PurpleBeeper

    Reuniting with an old flame...........

    Damn, she's hot! That wagon is just BEGGING to get some stock mufflers / electric cutouts and a 2-stage NO2 setup. Then just cruise through various Sonic restaurants looking for teenagers with coyote 5.0 Mustangs that look like they've got a pocket full of daddy's money
  15. PurpleBeeper

    Poking holes in my rockers

    Hmmmm...just thinking out loud. It sure sounds like "something" changed, but my first guess would be the stock rockers just wore out/failed and the pushrods bent as they jumped out of the "cups" in the rockers. Otherwise it doesn't make sense. If nothing else changed (head gaskets the same...
  16. PurpleBeeper

    1/8 th milin' today

    Yeah, good luck & if you get all sideways...lift.....just sayin
  17. PurpleBeeper


    Short answer...yes, it does....sort of. Long answer...IF the stroker combo has the same piston weight and the rods are heavier because they're longer, you'd have more stress on the bottom end (theoretically lower redline for stroker). In reality, stroker kits usually have lighter pistons &...
  18. PurpleBeeper

    Going racing.........

    I'm sure you've answered this before, but what size blower? Overdriven? Max boost? Beautiful car!
  19. PurpleBeeper

    shorty header spark plugs?

    Where exactly do you have a clearance issue and how is there interference? I've ran the Accel yellow shorty plugs in the past and they worked fine for me, fyi.
  20. PurpleBeeper

    Evans coolant

    I've analyzed Evans coolant + I know the owner of the company personally. It is basically DexCool concentrate (no water added). It does not cool your engine very well. The only advantage is that it won't overheat.......until WAY past when you've already cracked a cylinder head since you...