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  1. J

    Rear separation

    OK, thanks for the advice, I'm not overly worried. It does give a couple of revolutions on the wheel depending on the track temp and prep, but mostly it hooks up, It is likely I could get away with a tighter rebound. Would having the lighter T bars allow for a tighter rear?
  2. J

    Rear separation

    I set it up at 3 1/2, I have not re-measured since I have had a few runs at the track to see if anything has changed. It has a slight vibration at around 30 mph since I added a 3 degree shim to bring it down to the 3 1/2. No vibration at the track to 120mph though.
  3. J

    compression ratio wih alloy head

    There are a few variables, not the least as said with cam events but also elevation, engine temp, quench, even weight of car comes into it etc. But 10:1 with a cranking compression of 165psi at sea level 35 degrees total timing and 180 degree temps is safe with a quench motor - presuming 84cc...
  4. J

    Rear separation

    I am concerned about the pinion rise and the angle it may be exerting on the universal. I am unsure of what is going on under the car, that is why I fitted the camera. From what I have seen of other mopars at my track they don't seem to get that amount of rise but I am unsure of their set ups...
  5. J

    Rear separation

    I am concerned about the amount of rear rise in the car as to how it is effecting the pinion angle, I did fit a camera under the car but I didn't have it set up correct to record. Stock XHD springs with one extra leaf, front clamped, one clamp on the rear, pinion snubber. I have DA shocks, I...
  6. J

    Leaving Power on the Table, 440

    Yep, it should do, I recon the car has the balls to sneak into the 16 second zone under the right conditions though.
  7. J

    D/A shocks w Caltracs

    You wont get a lot of separation without traction, the car needs to hook up fairly well to load the suspension. It's a case of trying what works but if you have a prepped track I would be starting with a tighter rebound (12-14) on the rear and if it breaks free loosen it up a couple of clicks...
  8. J

    Leaving Power on the Table, 440

    I think you have potential to run a lot quicker, you have better flowing heads than I do. I have a similar combo and was running about what you are. I swapped out my street tires and 3.23's for drag radials and a 4.10 gear, went to a 1.6 ratio arm, DA shocks on 4 corners and a little head work...
  9. J

    Engine oil PSI

    If you have 70 psi at idle hot or cold you must have some fairly tight bearing clearances. I run a 440, solid flat tappet with 0.0025"- 0.0027" clearance rods and mains, 10W40, it has 70 psi cold idle but drops to 35psi hot. That is with an HV pump, if I swap out the spring from my original...
  10. J

    Another cam selection thread.

    I haven't run my car at the track for some time but I ran the xe275hl cam in a 440, I shifted at 5500, any later and it would slow down, it typically ran 12.8's at 110. It is a dedicated street car with a true street tire and 3.23's so the trap RPM was well under the shift point. I have a solid...
  11. J

    Spark plug reading for timing and correct heat range

    That is exactly how I have set my carb up, work the primary's/IFR's to get a clean cruise and tune the secondaries and PVCR's for power. My PVCR's are almost as big as my primary's. The experts say you should work on about 25% pvcr's/primary jet but that is not what works for me.
  12. J

    Poking holes in my rockers

    I had a pushrod fall out and sit on the edge of the cup, didn't notice it until it wore a grove in the pushrod and started kicking up noise. xe275hl cam, johnson hylift lifters and 1.5 PRW's in stainlesss. I would think the problem happened from bleed down as the car sat for a few months while I...
  13. J

    Realistic ‘71 B body weight

    My all steel 71 Charger R/T 440 auto came in at 3840lbs, no driver, 1/2 tank fuel, aluminium heads and intake, headers, 17" year one wheels 255/50r17 all round, power brakes and power steer, full exhaust, full interior, heater etc, no AC and no spare in the trunk.
  14. J

    Post your 11 second combos

    Two awesome running cars there, do you really need a deep gear to run quick? It would seem not. Good work.
  15. J

    Budget build

    Is your rear end an 8 3/4? If it were me I wouldn't be running a spool with 30 spline axles behind a 4 speed.