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    Motor Plate or Motor Mounts or Both?

    The plate is solid, I just don't want it to be a dedicated race car anymore. I'd like to cruise too, maintaining a little driveability and comfort.
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    Motor Plate or Motor Mounts or Both?

    I have a roadrunner, 440 6bbl set up for drag. Car has not been front or back halved but it does have a motor plate. I am planning on a detune and conversion back to something I can drive on the street. Motor is currently mounted using a motor plate. Should I change to mounts for...
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    New Guy, Old Car

    Hi everyone, just joined. Located in the San Diego area. 69 Plymouth RoadRunner, 440 6bbl, 727, dana 60 set up for drag. Going to move towards a street conversion in the near future because race fuel is expensive and I just want to drive and enjoy my car with my family. Cheers, Strongman