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    Can't get positive caster

    I installed some adjustable lower strut rods from PST and adjusted them a little shorter than the factory rods and got plenty of caster now even with .5 + camber on my 70 Charger. No moog bushings required.
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    Silver Sport 5 speed Manual Transmission kit thoughts

    I replaced my 727 with a silversport TKO 5 speed. I was happy with the kit. Clutch and brake pedals fit nicely but the brake pedal was much lower than the clutch when attached. Nothing I couldn't fix with my cut off wheel and mig welder. Would have worked but I wanted it to look right. The piece...
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    8-3/4 Rear Axle Bearings

    The best way I've found to grease the rear bearings once you've cleaned them out and blown them dry is to use a pencil point tip on your grease gun and go around the big end of the the taper and pump em full.
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    Starter too close to header?

    I had the same problem when I put a 11 inch clutch and bell housing in my charger. RobMC makes a great compact starter that solved my problems. You can loosen 2 bolts on it and rotate the solenoid and field assembly to any position to give clearance to your headers.
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    Does this torque chain look ok???

    I like the turn buckle design. Made mine similar except I bolted a plate to the front of the block instead of the back of the water pump and used a sway bar link rod bushings on the bottom to provide a little cushion. It's a 512 stroker motor with tons of torque and a manual transmission that...
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    Kick Down or Not?

    MoparMur knows what he's talking about. I've overhauled a few hundred automatics at the dealership. They all work basically the same. Some use vacuum modulator and kick down linkage to determine engine load others just a throttle linkage but either way it needs to be hooked up and adjusted...
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    Is this front suspension seal replaceable?

    That's the lower control arm bushing and it's bad. I tried the pst replacement bushing and shaft and didn't like it at all. The factory bushing is vulcanized into the outer metal shell. The pst isn't. Didn't take long, maybe 6 months and the pst bushing was squirting out the front side and broke...
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    Tremec 5 speed conversion in a 1970 Charger

    I put a TKO 600 into my 70 Charger and removed the 727 about 18 months ago and I'm VERY happy. I highly recommend the pistol grip shifter. With some home fabrication to mount the shifter boot I was able to keep my center console. I have a lot of hot tips if you want to contact me. Like DON'T...
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    New Member - another in SE PA

    Looks great! I admire all the hard work. Are you in Oklahoma? I might have a few Mo-parts laying around near Tulsa.
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    Where did you and your car go today

    Drove my 70 Charger an hour to work and another hour home. Just makes me feel good when I'm stressed out. Ate a ricer on the way to work. Tasted really good .
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    Just some 512 c.i engine **** !!!!!!

    I'm guessing more like 650 hp and 735 torque. That thing is gonna breathe. Big exhaust will help. Like 2" primary headers and 3" exhaust. Enjoy all that torque.
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    440 Trick Flow heads with factory power brakes

    I put trick flow 240s with a roller cam and taller valve covers on my 70 charger and have no clearance problems with my vacuum booster. I used the mopar performance aluminum covers which are fairly tall to clear my Harlan Sharp rockers.
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    Trick Flow 240s vs Bruce Toth ported heads

    Sorry, I said Hughes. I meant Harland Sharp. A bit pricey but worth it.
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    Trick Flow 240s vs Bruce Toth ported heads

    I built a 512 stroker for my 70 charger with a comp roller cam of similar duration and an edelbrock performer rpm and a quick flow 950 double pumper. I really the trick flow 240 heads. It is still pulling hard at 6000 rpm which means good flow. I went with the Hughes roller rockers. Be careful...
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    Grinding Clearances for rod bolts on stroker 400

    I used a couple of small yet very strong magnets placed next to where I was grinding and they worked great. Still re washed with solvent and compressed air and brushes. I like the shop vac idea too.
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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    I know this is a B body and not an E but I had a 70 Barracuda with a drive shaft vibe I was chasing. One day I stood it up and I heard something clunk inside of it. I flipped it over and heard it clunk again. So the drives haft shop cut it open and inside was another piece of tubing with a...
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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    Oh, and only use Spicer or neapco U joints. They are the only ones I get consistant balance runs with. Others have too much play in them.
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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    Could be out of phase. To check it get a cheap angle meter with a little magnet on it. Put the car on jack stands under rear-end and outboard end of front A frames by the ball joints. Turn the drive shaft to where the cross of the u joint on the pinion flange is straight up and down. Stick the...
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    Pure oxygen pump that pumps from a oxygen tank to thr supercharger

    If you add just oxygen to the combustion chamber it will get so hot you'll melt pistons AND you will loose a lot of power because the expansion of the oxygen in the chamber as it burns is not much. With nitrogen also in the chamber the heated nitrogen expands WAY more than the oxygen. The...
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    What did I blow up in my 727?

    It's either the forward clutch or the front planetary gear carrier or forward ring gear. Chrysler calls it the front annuls gear but same thing.