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  1. DownZero

    Charging issue

    Please bear with me. I have searched related threads and I'm still confused. 1969 charger. Factory system. (As far as I know) New battery, alternator, and voltage regulator. No difference from old parts. Engine running: amp meter shows discharge, 12.2 volts at batt, 10.5 volts at blue wire on...
  2. DownZero

    Started issue

    Need some advice. 69 charger, 383, 4sp. Starter was acting up, sometimes the bendix wouldn't kick in and sometimes it would stay engaged after starting. Replaced it with a reman from car quest. Sounded really weird and had a high pitch noise. Old starter had a shim. Never saw a mopar with a shim...
  3. DownZero

    Tach suggestions

    I'm looking to add an aftermarket tach to my charger. I want one that's small and in a inconspicuous location. Any suggestions? Brand,type,mounting location?
  4. DownZero

    Tach question

    Did all 69 chargers equipped with 4 speeds have tachs as standard equipment? I have no build sheet to refer to.
  5. DownZero

    Electronic ignition conversion

    I've searched but not finding exactly what I want. I have a stock 383 with points distributor. I would like to convert to electronic ignition but I want to remain somewhat stock looking. Really don't want a big old MSD box under the hood. Is there a preferred conversion kit that the brain trust...