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  1. ply64post

    64 Belvedere-windlace

    Here is some info, a friend used them without an issue. Jeff https://www.restorationspecialties.com/assets/pdfs/2022_PDF_Catalog_RSSI.pdf
  2. ply64post

    Correct Installation MaxWedge Scoop on 1963 Dodge

    mopar Check this out. max wedge scoop - location / dimensions on hood
  3. ply64post

    1964 Sport Fury What are these??

    Here are a set of pedals I have.
  4. ply64post

    MW intake backwards install...

    I was always told the person who makes no mistakes doesn't do anything. I have tried not to make the same mistake twice.
  5. ply64post

    65 Belvedere heater controls

    This information that I have found. Jeff https://1962to1965mopar.ornocar.org/ml-62-65heaters.html
  6. ply64post

    Door Panel Plastic?

    Top of interior page. Jeff https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/making-vapor-barriers-for-doors-quarter-panels.65664/
  7. ply64post

    Paint code for bronze seat trim

    Geff You can check this out. Jeff https://www.autocolorlibrary.com/pages/classic-library https://www.autocolorlibrary.com/pages/1964-Plymouth.html#parentHorizontalTab3
  8. ply64post

    Steel deck lid for a 1963 Savoy. What years will interchange?

    Snook According to the Hollanders the lids are year specific. Jeff
  9. ply64post

    disc brakes

    Murry Check this site out. https://www.moparaction.com/2016/03/16/disc-main/ Jeff
  10. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    Glassman What I can tell you is the scoop is part of a complete aluminum front end that is on a 63 Savoy 2 dr sdn. Yes I tend to agree that the bracing was added (support?). The scoop appears not to be altered in any other way that I can see. As far as history the car was from the NY NJ area...
  11. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    I apologize for not responding back. I will send the pictures that I have. Jeff
  12. ply64post

    WTB Wanted 63-63 B Body Doors

    What year doors are you looking for? Jeff
  13. ply64post

    FOUND 383 power steering pump-mounting hardware

    Mark Here is a site that should help you. Jeff http://www.hoffmanswinnerscircle.com/19_steering.htm
  14. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    Mikespolara Sorry I had twice the pictures posted that I wanted to.
  15. ply64post

    max wedge scoop size

    Here are some pictures of a scoop off of a 63 Savoy real Max Wedge that a friend of mine has. Jeff
  16. ply64post

    Can You Identify this Dash?

    It is a 63-64 Chrysler.
  17. ply64post

    A12 hood part number?

    Steve Here are 2 pictures that I have in my A 12 folder. I am not aware of any markings on these hoods because I have an A 12 Superbee. Jeff
  18. ply64post

    WTB K member

    Yes, the mounts to the block are different.
  19. ply64post

    WTB K member

    Unless I'm mistaken v/8 k frames are the same 63-65 big or small block. Jeff
  20. ply64post

    64 Belvedere-windlace

    Here is a site that carries windlace on page 114. A friend used it with no issues on his 62 Savoy wagon. https://www.restorationspecialties.com/assets/pdfs/2020_PDF_Catalog_RSSI.pdf