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  1. daytona kid

    possible leak spot on 727?

    I've noticed some fluid around my trans mount and wondering if it could be coming from the opening where you remove the snap-ring on the tail brg as shown in pic. I didn't notice what was going on there when I put the trans in. Can it leak there? Does that hole get some kinda cover/plug? With...
  2. daytona kid

    valve spring keeper question

    I got these new valve springs from 440 source,> http://store.440source.com/Stealth-Cylinder-Head-Valve-Springs-Set-of-16/productinfo/200-1058/ They are a little bigger than my old stock ones. I put a new spring on the left in the pic, the one on the right is stock. Are the stock keeper/caps...
  3. daytona kid

    valves floating?

    I've got what seems to be a basically stock 1972 440 in my 68 charger with a 727 trans. The 440's history was unknown to me but after compression check, etc, I concluded the motor was good enough for me for now. But, It has a problem and starts missing at about 4300 rpm. I can make it do it in...
  4. daytona kid

    RV 440?

    Bought this 440 block the other day, $250 for it and a 727. Here are pics of the numbers on it. Are these typical numbers for winnebago 440s? And looks like it was built in 1975 ?
  5. daytona kid

    what trans is this?

    Just bought this 727? trans and a 440 block for $250, figured it was great deal. Supposedly both from a winnebago. I think the tail shaft can be swapped to the car config, right? and- What is the drum mechanism on the end, an emergency brake?
  6. daytona kid

    which 440 valve springs?

    I have a few questions about 440 valve springs. #1- Do I need to figure out which stock heads I have before ordering valve springs? #2- Or will all stock 440 heads except the same springs? I'm looking at comp cams for some new springs because I get a discount with them. Would like to reuse the...
  7. daytona kid

    440 rear main seals

    My wonderful running 440 has developed a small oil leak from near the rear main seal. I don't think it is coming from the main seal itself but the aluminum bridge/saddle/journal that holds the bottom half of the seal. It has seals/gaskets on the sides and I'm thinking and hoping that one of them...
  8. daytona kid

    where to get kick down rod

    Anyone know where I can find this slotted kick down top link rod, and spring,? for a 68- 440 charger w/holley and w/727.. I've been searching with no luck other than a full set for $300+. I've got everything but that rod and spring.
  9. daytona kid

    8.75 yoke/u joint questions

    I'm trying to put my drive shaft in and keep running into problems. All I have left to figure out is how to secure the straps that hold the rear u joint (7260/7290= napa#347) to the rear end yoke. Do I need some u bolt type retainers? The holes in the yoke do not appear to be threaded, but they...