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  1. daytona kid

    Line lock- on rear brakes?

    A bud told me he was putting his line-lock on his rear brakes. I said that's not going to work but he explained that it actually works better. You hit the switch without brakes applied and then you will only have front brakes which you can pedal on an off if/as needed during burn-out. Finish...
  2. daytona kid

    Racing Insurance and roll cage?

    I'm sure this has been discussed many times here before but my searches didn't yield anything, plus things change. Let me first tell how this came up again with me.. While building my 68 charger (with an insurable, street legal "roll bar"), I did a good bit of researching on how I could best out...
  3. daytona kid

    stock 440 shift light setting?

    I'm running a fairly stock 440 in my 68 charger, headers, 750 brawler carb, 727 trans w/shift kit, 3.91 gears, 30.5" tires. Not sure about the comp ratio on the pistons. It is a mystery motor that I found and nobody knew the history on it. I didn't take the heads or intake off but replaced the...
  4. daytona kid

    kill switch w/alternator questions

    On my 440 street/strip charger I have a kill switch on my tail panel which kills the battery connection, but as I knew already the alternator keeps the motor running. I think I've heard if I disconnect the wires to the alternator the motor will then quit when the kill switch is turned off. My...
  5. daytona kid

    M/T street radial tire diameter increase at speed

    How much do you think a m/t street radial grows at 120mph? Mine are 30in sitting still, what could I expect in growth? Worried about clearance..
  6. daytona kid

    Where to get quick release steering wheel kit?

    I'd like to get a bolt on kit for my 68 charger with stock column and grant 3 bolt wheel. Anyone know where to get them? Don't care about horn working or not..
  7. daytona kid

    shorty header spark plugs?

    I need some spark plugs and just installed some summit headers on my 440 in my 68 charger and worried I'll have trouble with clearance, installing the plugs and wire boots. I also just installed a 1970 electronic ignition mod. Would the shorty header plugs be a good idea? Any reasons not to use...
  8. daytona kid

    where to get slim front street/strip tires?

    I have some 15x6 rims and have been looking at 205-75-15R-@27"tall tires for my 68 charger after thinking the ones on my trailer that size look about right. There seems to be not many available that aren't for trailers or have they have low speed rating. I'd like radials for sure. Any help...
  9. daytona kid

    mini starter for 440?

    Is this what I want for my 440 to give me more room for headers and easier install and removal.? And is this a good place to buy one? https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,1994,dakota,5.2l+v8,1087589,electrical,starter+motor,4152
  10. daytona kid

    switching to electric fuel pump question

    When you remove the stock mechanical pump I assume you remove the shaft/pin that it operates off of also, and removing it doesn't make you loose oil psi or anything bad right?
  11. daytona kid

    Anyone ever put stock front sway bar on rear end?

    Just curious if it were possible to somehow use my stock sway bar that I took off the front and use it on the rear end. Anyone ever try it?
  12. daytona kid

    harness attachment?

    What are the pros and cons or differences between attaching the upper shoulder harness to the crossbar behind the seat with a bolt and welded tab, or just loop the belts around the bar? And while talking about harnesses, what's a good safe harness without killing my wallet?, for a 11sec car.
  13. daytona kid

    Street/strip legal racing harness/seat belts?

    Are there any racing shoulder harness kits that are also street legal? Or is the only way to be street legal is to leave the stock belts in for streeting and then also have a 5pt shoulder belt set to be legal and safer for strip racing?
  14. daytona kid

    DPT fuel cell?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-GALLON-38L-BLUE-ALUMINUM-FUEL-CELL-GAS-TANK-LEVEL-SENDER-STEEL-OIL-FEED-KIT-/151779023337?vxp=mtr&hash=item2356bc19e9 Anyone have any experience with these? Thinking about getting one for my strip/street charger, (very little street). Looks like a good deal if...
  15. daytona kid

    mempho live

  16. daytona kid

    which alternator?

    I see that summit sells these 1 wire alternators which seems like might be a good way to go for me. I'd like some opinions/schooling on what I should get. My car will be slowly street driven very little (maybe 200 miles a year) and strip raced a few times per year. I'm not going to run any...
  17. daytona kid

    Where to put trailer tie down hoops?

    Looking for ideas on how/where to put some type of loops/hoops under the front of my 68 charger to hold it to the trailer. I guess I will just use some saddle straps around the rear axle housing., but can't think of a good way to hold the front. I hate to add even a small amount of weight to it...
  18. daytona kid

    Anybody ever hear of JVXracing?

    Thinking of letting them do my trans. http://jvxracing.com/PP.htm
  19. daytona kid

    Is this a steel crank?

    I'll save it if it is steel but taking it to the scrap metal yard if not. Would there be a good reason to save a used cast crank?
  20. daytona kid

    lock up torque converter?

    What is the difference between a lock up converter and a non lock? And what are the pros and cons, for street/strip app? I was looking at a CME 522ci/550hp stroker that said "not recommended for a locking converter". Why? Sry for my ignorance, I always ran manual trans, need schooling on these...