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    Breaks are overheating 91/4 rearend

    Are they drums or discs?
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    FOR SALE pair original 1966-69 Mopar disc brake rotors

    In the 1968 factory service manual - the specifications part of the Brake section.
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    FOR SALE pair original 1966-69 Mopar disc brake rotors

    When new the thickness was 0.886" - 0.878" Minimum is 0.816" They should measure within 0.001" when compared to each other.
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    Prop valve question?

    You really need to fit a vacuum booster or hydro boost - and a proportioning valve to stop the rears locking up. Look at a modern car and at how many have manual disc brakes - ah that would be none.
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    Prop valve question?

    The reason they are not much good is a disc brake needs around 900 psi of line pressure to operate efficiently. It is hard to achieve this with a manual setup. A drum brake only needs 300 psi so you fit a proportioning valve to the rear drums to limit the pressure. The front discs need all the...
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    Prop valve question?

    Have you got a power booster?
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    Where to buy a A833 supplier recommendations ?

    If you are going to the trouble of fitting a manual transmission why not upgrade to a 5 speed?
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    Anyone running comp Xtreme energy 236/242 roller cam with tf240 heads

    With EFI you may want to use 112 degrees of lobe separation.
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    rust between door skin and shell

    It will wick in there to a certain extent. The call is depends on how bad the rust in the fold really is. My experience - if you can see it externally/slightly flaky it is probably worse when hidden in the seam. The factory certainly would have just folded it together no matter what was there...
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    833 front bearing retainer orientation....

    The gasket is very thin - but check you do not bind the front bearing. Sealer on the bolt threads.
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    Dash switch panel repair???

    You could try using a little heat from a propane torch. Only "warm" it up though it melts pretty easily.
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    O-ring sizes in kelsey-heays combination valve

    You can buy a kit off Muscle Car Research at a very reasonable price. It has all the seals, o rings and copper washers you need.
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    Yet another 8-3/4 setup question. 3.73

    What pattern or how good you can get it depends on the quality of the gearset manufacturing. If that is good as it gets you either decide to run it or buy another gearset.
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    Leaky brake

    The switch has sealing O rings so it probably can leak fluid. Yes from what I remember of rebuilding mine the rod would spin if you loosen the jam nut.
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    Cold Case Radiator Hose Size Mismatch

    You can buy silicone hose reducers or spin an adapter up in the lathe and have a join in the lower hose. Thinking about it a rubber sleeve with 2 back to back hose clips would work. Use the worm gear clips. Might be a trick finding something with a wall thickness 1/8. The bulge on the end of...
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    Proportioning / Distribution Valve Bleed Tool - HELLO!

    I centralise the valve and use a vacuum bleeder. This means there is pressure on either side of the valve which keeps it in the centre. If you are pressure bleeding and use too much force the valve can "shuttle" and jam - then the light is stuck on etc.
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    Proportioning / Distribution Valve Bleed Tool - HELLO!

    I have used the tool all be it a home made one and they do work well. It is for GM and FORD style distribution valves/switches that are isolated from the brake fluid by internal O rings. You are right it will not work on the Mopar style valves/switch.
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    408 stroker cooling issues

    I would try a new Stant thermostat first.
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    Front end rattle after replacing EVERYTHING

    If you go to the Dr Diff website and click on the 10.95" Front Disc Kit (Stage 1) at the bottom there is an exploded view and a description of the need to bend the tabs prevent pad rattle. It looks like you have the same brakes.
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    Oil pressure guage replacement

    Check or replace the gauges voltage regulator is also a possibility. That would probably also affect the temperature gauge. Loose connection on the feed side of the oil gauge as mentioned.