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  1. pedal2themetal

    Just wondering why did they stop building the straight 8

    HI, I remember the straight 8 being very fast in its day at the oval tracks.. and just saw (on FB) an old straight 8 Packard with a blower set up and it made me wonder why did they stop building them. I would like to hear some thought on it and maybe the why?? Thanks an as all ways Take care...
  2. pedal2themetal

    1973 challenger 440 - dies when in drive or reverse

    HI, 1,000 rpm's is to fast.. unless its got a big cam in it.. Idle should be like 750 at the most.. any faster then any adjustment in the carb or timing is mute. good luck take care be safe tim
  3. pedal2themetal

    PVC valve question

    HI, I was working on my motor yesterday. I thought I'd check my PCV valve (not very old) and noticed at idle by touching the valve you could feel it vibrating.. what has me concern is that it would stop for a split second but start right back again, It wasn't a constant vibration , it was a...
  4. pedal2themetal

    Valve angle issue

    HI is the ticking there all the time of does it come and go as the motor warms up? The reason I ask is an exhaust manifold to head gasket leak can sound like a ticking lifter but well go away when the motor heats up.. good luck take care be safe tim
  5. pedal2themetal

    The 383 still won't fire once!!!!

    HI,, Well your mobile Mech. messed it up for sure.. There is NO way he could have gotten it timed to 12* withOUT the motor running and You've said it wasn't running. He could set the crank to 12* and maybe get the rotor close but never timed to 12*.. try watching the rotor and move the crank...
  6. pedal2themetal

    Still no luck with the '69 Charger 383. Hasn't fired once.

    AAHHH NO.. SteveSS was the orginal poster of this thread and he hasn't posted since the 8th..... after that seams like everyone is answering someone else's posting on this thread..????? tim
  7. pedal2themetal

    Sticky Valve body??

    HI NO its not locked all the way back just back to where I can feel the spring inside give a little tension on it like in the link I posted.. but I am going to adjust it to all the way back at WOT once I fab the linkage so it well let me do so.. I need to grind the slot farther back to allow...
  8. pedal2themetal

    Sticky Valve body??

    HI I adjusted the linkage like the above link suggested. Tho its not hooked to the carb I locked it in place for idle.. It shifts much better now with no jerking going into 3rd but it does still have a slight flair (raise in RPM before going into 3rd.) at easy throttle. I might try to add a...
  9. pedal2themetal

    Sticky Valve body??

    HI and thanks for all the replies ,, I found this Informative and interesting in a google search. at this link, Take care tim www.hotrod.com/articles/the-lowdown-on-stock-torqueflite-kick-down-linkage/ As the kick-down linkage/cable pushes the kick-down lever rearward, it increases line...
  10. pedal2themetal

    Sticky Valve body??

    Unfortunately I did drive it for quite awhile a year or better (since it should not have come lose during my rebuild of the motor it was lose apparently before hand) and since I've put a different 4 bb (different one since the shift kit was installed) on it I have had it unhooked but pulled all...
  11. pedal2themetal

    Sticky Valve body??

    yes had a shop put in a shift kit .. but it was doing it before and after the install and had them reinstall the kick down lever that came loose at the transmission during the motor rebuild.. Motor was very clean inside absolutely NO gunk build up in the valley or in the heads, barrens showed no...
  12. pedal2themetal

    Sticky Valve body??

    Morning all, having a slight problem with my transmission..Low miles (62,000) 1975 Fury I'm thinking its the 727. anyway.. its very jerky going into 3rd. at part throttle (easy throttle) and flairs as well going in to 3rd. part throttle to hard throttle (RPMs going up before it shifts into 3...
  13. pedal2themetal

    trans won't "hold" car

    HI maybe before you tare into it. unhook the cable at the transmission and move the lever at the transmission and make sure your getting full travel in your shifter. good luck tim