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  1. Should be playing golf

    Royal purple

    What's wrong with running VR-1 full synthetic 10w-30?
  2. Should be playing golf

    Totally new Mopar guy question...

    Molnar 493 Stroker crank and rods, Diamond pistons, Bullet cam, TrickFlow 240 heads, Harland Sharp rocker set up, Eddy intake with 800cfm carb = 550hp (flywheel) 600 torque, 10.7 comp., pump gas, and fits under the hood. 14K installed.
  3. Should be playing golf

    440 identification

    You might try looking at the side of the block below the head and above the freeze plugs. (This photo is upside down)
  4. Should be playing golf

    Torker Manifold

    No Problem!
  5. Should be playing golf

    Valvetrain clatter/noise

    Sure hope you have checked your header/manifold bolts for proper torque. Just my 2 cents...simple things first eh?
  6. Should be playing golf

    Question regarding flywheels

    Note: My 68 bellhousing is 2892262.
  7. Should be playing golf

    Is this 440 intake any good?

    That's the perfect intake for 69 B-body with the Air Grabber and works fine for some easy low 12 passes. RPM wont fit under the Air Grabber.
  8. Should be playing golf

    Would like input on rear gearing

    Compromise: Basically stock 440, A-833, 3:54 rear gears, 295/55/15 MT ET Street SS (28" tall), = 60mph @ 2500 rpm [email protected]'ll stick with it!:thumbsup:
  9. Should be playing golf

    Coolant leak

    Back out those bolts and put a good high temp sealant on them, use new (preferably metal) gaskets then torque to 35 ft. lbs. Good to go! Remember to tighten center bolts first then outer ones.
  10. Should be playing golf

    What is too Rich of a fuel condition? A/F gauge not reading.

    My O2 digital gauge pegs at 17+ when the engine is hot, cruising, etc. What gives? Is the sensor fouling?
  11. Should be playing golf

    A 833 Trans pops out of 2nd & 3rd gears

    Sorry I didn't get back to you all sooner...I had problems getting into the FBBO system. This is why I should be playing golf.
  12. Should be playing golf

    A 833 Trans pops out of 2nd & 3rd gears

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. The tranny pops out usually during decell. I'll check the linkage bushings to see if they are nylon or brass, and go over the linkage adjustments and stop bolts, etc. once again, but I am leaning towards bellhousing allignment (unfortunately).
  13. Should be playing golf

    A 833 Trans pops out of 2nd & 3rd gears

    I've changed everything!!! Guys at Passion are scratching their heads, among other things. What could be the issue?