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  1. Should be playing golf

    Intake Manifolds - Question for build guru’s

    Eddy Performer fits good with hood clearance issues.
  2. Should be playing golf

    What Carb should I put on 440 going in 70 Coronet?

    Was that a Holley 830 **** discharge?
  3. Should be playing golf

    Fuel Line Size on my 69 GTX

    Just wondering about using a mock-up to sort things out. Mount the sending unit at the proper angle in a cardboard box made to the exact dimensions as the fuel tank and hook it up...see what happens. leave one side open to move the sending unit up and down.
  4. Should be playing golf

    Fuel Line Size on my 69 GTX

    I have a 69 GTX 440 4-speed, Dana car and have had the gas tank out twice, put in a new tank, two new sending units, Checked all wiring 15 times, checked the gauge, voltage limiter, tried numerous grounds, etc....Sending units work great hooked up out of the car, reinstalled everything...put 8...
  5. Should be playing golf

    Sending Unit - Fuel Gauge

    Right now I've dropped the tank, put in a brand new sending unit that tested out great out of the car, (it was completely wired and with a good chassis ground, etc.), tested the voltage limiter, tested the gauge itself, tested all the wiring, tested things that didn't even need testing, and...
  6. Should be playing golf

    Sending Unit - Fuel Gauge

    That is the exact same issue I'm having on my 69 GTX! If you can figure it out I'll K.Y.A. at State and Madison and I'll give you an hour to draw a crowd!