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    Advice needed.

    Put your box on first, you may not be able to tighten the bolts with the headers on. And you just got to be careful with the headers. And after you take all that care to not scratch them, if your luck is like mine in a years time they will have discolored and started to rust.
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    426 Max Wedge questions

    To my knowledge all max wedges are internally balanced. The register for the flywheel is also the same to my knowledge. As far as the cranks being drilled for pilot bushing, they all have a hole, but some are not finished machined. I usually just take a stock pilot bushing and chuck it in the...
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    1965 hemi hood scoop

    I believe that is the Hemi scoop for the super stock cudas and darts.
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    1965 hemi hood scoop

    Gathering parts up for the 65 Coronet, and what is the best quality bolt on hemi hood scoop with the correct look from your guy's experience? Looking at VFN and AAR have not seen many other vendors. And while it would be nice to buy one of the metal reproductions not in the budget.
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    1965 coronet console need info

    I need some expert knowledge, what year consoles will fit a 1965 dodge Coronet? I see some 66 and newer consoles, but 1965 seems to be really scarce. Did most of the Coronet 500's come with a console? Any info on the subject welcome.