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  1. John Hogan

    Searching rechrome bumper shop

    I met the guys from D and R Chrome at the Tri-State show in Denver a few months back. Their work looked great and I ordered front and rear bumpers for my 1973 Road Runner. They needed $300 down to begin the process for both bumpers and told me I could pick them up at the Street Rod Nationals in...
  2. John Hogan

    Help out a young gear head

    This is an unusual post but I found an unusual young lady on eBay selling her carb overhaul services. Hope this post is allowed, she's not a friend or related in any way but I was just impressed when I saw her eBay listing. In a time when we think interest is waning in our hobby and young folk...
  3. John Hogan

    Cruise Control Conundrum

    And the master is leaking like a sieve so hopefully if I order a quality replacement it will be correct!
  4. John Hogan

    Cruise Control Conundrum

    Thanks all for the input! To answer some of the comments see the pics . The item that appears to be a speedo cable is an unusual wire connector. There is a bracket bolted to the two left bolts of the master cylinder but it is only holding the wiring loom. Guess once I start tearing the car down...
  5. John Hogan

    Cruise Control Conundrum

    Actually it looks like a speedo cable in the pic but it is a really unusual push on wiring connector that is part of the factory loom. It is just kind on hanging out in that area. I will try to take a better picture of the connector and post it tomorrow.
  6. John Hogan

    Cruise Control Conundrum

    It does have disc brakes. There is no N88 on the fender tag.
  7. John Hogan

    Cruise Control Conundrum

    In checking out the 1973 Road Runner I am about to start restoring I have found something odd. It is definitely a numbers matching engine and unfortunately the broadcast sheet was a crumbled mess when I removed the rear seat. So the throttle cable bracket looks to be set up for a cruise control...