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  1. MoparLeo

    Is a Disc Brake Conversion Worth It?

    Bottom line, Disc front and top quality parts used for rear drums. More brakes than you will need. You will love the difference especially if you have ever overheated your brakes ( high speed panic stop or down the mountain type braking) and experienced fade or drove in the rain and it...
  2. MoparLeo

    Pics from Back in the Day

    Running my 392 Hemi powered 55 F-100 against a 340 Duster back in '75 @ OCIR in California
  3. MoparLeo

    Looking for basic 440 I.D. help.

    Moparts on the Web - Main Index
  4. MoparLeo

    What is the best way to identify all of the part names?

    Honestly, you have a LOT of work in front of you and will need more than advice. Have it towed to the AMD installation center and have it done where they have the proper jigs, every part that is available and the experience to know just how it all goes together. It won't be cheap but it will be...
  5. MoparLeo

    Help with shifter handle

    Factory pistol grip shifter is even longer and comes farther back. They are specific to the cars. Several versions were made.
  6. MoparLeo

    Chrysler 300 Hemi?

    You talking about a 2006 or a 1955+ model ? Either way a suspension swap is not feasible. The 50's cars had a full frame and the 2006 would require major surgery to transplant the suspension. Anything is po$$ible if you want to do it.
  7. MoparLeo

    Testing gauges

    electricity/current is invisible...
  8. MoparLeo

    Testing gauges

  9. MoparLeo

    Original Carb?

    All sources say 4166 was used on 1967-1969 440 not a 383. a lot of info is in the FSM. Have you looked at yours ?
  10. MoparLeo

    A body rear end in a B body

  11. MoparLeo

    Broadcast sheet mostly decoded...

    Here is a blank one.
  12. MoparLeo

    .......still waiting

    Does that picture tell you what depth the ship is/was ...
  13. MoparLeo

    What do these stamp marks mean?

    You need a bigger picture to show the lug holes condition and center register size and condition. Thanks
  14. MoparLeo

    3 Bad Water Pumps in 4 months???

    Just a thing to remember, parts houses are the same as food markets. They don't make the food/parts, they sell them. Just like the car dealers don't build cars, they just sell them, and sometimes try to fix them. The NAPA guy is pulling your chain. If he is a NAPA company store, he gets full...
  15. MoparLeo

    Anyone have 235/70/15 tires ?

    Remember that you divide the total tire height in 1/2 as the wheel mounts to the center of the wheel. 1" taller tire means 1/2" increase in ride height or 1/2" more fender fill. 235/70-15 is almost 1" shorter that a 235/75-15. Tire sizing translation. 235 mm. section width. The widest part of...
  16. MoparLeo

    Roadrunner question ?

    Just an FYI to add and this is not a quote from some book, The 440 went away in 71 for Most passenger cars, but not trucks or motorhomes. The 400 (383 based B engine) was still available after 71.
  17. MoparLeo

    69 2 sp wiper motor

    Hi Bruce.
  18. MoparLeo

    70 Roadrunner 440-6 Factory Fan Clutch or a Solid Fan?

    Check out Tony's Parts he is a vendor here. http://www.tonysparts.com/newproductsB.htm
  19. MoparLeo

    Wiper motor ID and source for restored motor

    http://www.ns1aar.com/ Bruce Somer is a member here. Send him an email. Known him for over 30 years. #1 quality work, always. He will be at the Spring Fling in Cal this month 13th and 14th.
  20. MoparLeo

    New 69 Coronet guy saying Hi

    :welcome: aboard.