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    440/6 Vacuum Advance Needed

    Try Halifax shops here on For B-bodies only.
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    My 440 needs a new mini high torque starter. Recommendations?

    Here is a list, go to the parts store the part number is 17466 There is even a smaller starter that works... Ask for one from a 2005-2008 Dodge Ram with a 5.7 and a MANUAL transmission, the automatic starter for this application is totally different and will not fit. It is a coaxial...
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    CNC ported 906 head flow test & review on YT

    Same here was going to send mine to KG so it would be nice to see the level of work.
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    F.A.S.T. 505/535 build

    I would definitely contact Dwayne Porter then porter racing heads - Google Search
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    F.A.S.T. 505/535 build

    KG Proprietary Favorites | kgengines These guys do a good CNC ported 906 head reasonably. F.A.S.T. 906 head Good read K&G Engines CNC Port 906 Heads
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    489 suregrip. Thrust button missing?

    Or the pinion preload is too tight. They are only supposed to be around 20inlbs or so (don't have the manual in front of me) turning torque. As just mentioned a 3 year old could turn it.
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    Any 6 pack tuners near St Louis

    I am assuming messing with three carbs, being a balancing act.
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    Any 6 pack tuners near St Louis

    What's going on with it? There is a lot of information that can be had over the internet/forum from many knowledgeable members. Do you have a wide band 02 in the car?
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    Please tell me the years of these 3 K frames

    #1 - 168th day of 1970 which would be June 17, 1970 (Wed), made on the second shift. Very late model 1970 B-body. #2 - 20th day of 1970 which would be January 20, 1970 (Tue), made on the second shift. Mid-year 1970 E-body #3 - 308th day of 1969 which would be November 4, 1969 (Tue), made on the...
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    determine 18 spline gear ratio while installed?

    it’s not an OD. All non-OD A833 trans end up 1:1.
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    determine 18 spline gear ratio while installed?

    Unfortunatly no. you have to pull the side cover to be for sure. One thing you can look for is if there is a bar on the side cover. If so it is the later scissor style cover and more than likely will have the 2:44 ratio. The earlier ball and detent side cover would have the 2:65 ratio, if no one...
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    Over center spring on clutch pedal

    Another way to get the washers or nickels in between the spring coils is to put on side of the spring in a vice and bend it to one side where the coils seperate and then do the other the opposite way. You may have to grab the top of the spring with a prybar or something. Then install. When the...