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    FOUND 8 bolt 130 T aftermarket flywheel

    I have a new one. 150 bucks plus the ride. Jeff
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    Best oil for 440.....

    Lucas Hot Rod and Classic Car oil, pick your viscosity. Or the Brad penn " green oil"
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    440/6 Vacuum Advance Needed

    Try Halifax shops here on For B-bodies only.
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    Virginia Title Search History

    Is it possible to have a title search done in Virginia? I am researching past owners and I believe you have to be a resident of Virginia to create an account in their DMV database. I live in NY so it won't let me search it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
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    Hard to find and buy rear fuel lines?

    Classic tube also sells and ships
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    6 pack carbs

    Call Allstate Carbs. You searched for mopar - Allstate Carburetor
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    My 440 needs a new mini high torque starter. Recommendations?

    Here is a list, go to the parts store the part number is 17466 There is even a smaller starter that works... Ask for one from a 2005-2008 Dodge Ram with a 5.7 and a MANUAL transmission, the automatic starter for this application is totally different and will not fit. It is a coaxial...
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    WTB 1981 Dodge Challenger / Plymouth Sapporo Windshield

    Look for a VERY good used or NOS windshield to finish a 1981 Dodge Challenger project. I believe 1979-82 are the same style. Let me know what you have and we can arrange shipping if possible. Thanks, Jeff
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    CNC ported 906 head flow test & review on YT

    Same here was going to send mine to KG so it would be nice to see the level of work.
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    F.A.S.T. 505/535 build

    I would definitely contact Dwayne Porter then porter racing heads - Google Search
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    F.A.S.T. 505/535 build

    KG Proprietary Favorites | kgengines These guys do a good CNC ported 906 head reasonably. F.A.S.T. 906 head Good read K&G Engines CNC Port 906 Heads
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    SOLD 1970 F 440 HP motor OB187280 vin.

    Is there a VIN on the block?
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    Painting steelies

    This is correct... Above ^^^
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    Dumb question. Red plug proper name

    Those are made from a company called Cap Plugs.
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    All Mopar show at Chrysler of Culpepper in Virginia pictures

    What Mopar dealerships were in the area in 1970? Supposedly my car 1970 Super Bee V-code was sold from the Culpepper area. The title was a Virginia one from Manassas, VA. Sublime with a black painted roof. Does anyone have any information or possibly seen it back before 1984 or so?
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    Carburetor rebuild?

    Also try Allstate carbs. Home Page - Allstate Carburetor