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    Is this transmission from a 1970 Hemi???

    Hello, I ended up bringing home an assortment of parts yesterday all because I had my eye on one of the transmissions included, an A833. As I was looking over the other parts, one of the transmissions looks to be a tf 727, but the transmission ID has one to many numbers stamped……it looks like...
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    Can I bead blast assembled differential?

    I had my 8 3/4 diff sent out to have new seals, bearings, and a Tru Trac added. They said they would clean it up and paint it as well. I realized when I picked it up that their idea of cleaning and painting is far different from mine. My question is, can I use a small bead blaster on some...
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    Does this clutch fork look right?

    Hello, an avid reader and lurker of this site, but not really a poster. This site has certainly answered many of my questions up to this point by searching past threads, but here is something that still left me questioning. I was installing my A833 transmission over the weekend on ‘69 440 with...