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    WOM or not?

    Can’t decide if I should put wheel opening moundings back on or not. My originals are too far gone, so I would be looking at repops. Can anyone tell me how the repops fit? I have tried to reuse as many original parts as I can because I have been disappointed with most reproduced parts thus...
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    Key faces up in door lock, correct?

    I am putting my doors back together, and wanted to make sure I am correct on installing the keyed door locks so that the key is inserted with the jagged cut portion of the key facing up.... is this correct?
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    Can’t remember where this part goes???

    Now that I have my paint buffed out I have begun reassembly, I didn’t get very far before I realized that my memory is much worse then I thought!......this probably won’t be the last thread with me asking the same question of “where does this part go?” I had this part labeled “front fenders”...
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    Do I keep sanding?? First time cutting clearcoat

    Hello, to say I am anxious about taking sandpaper to my newly painted car is an understatement....but I am proceeding slowly after reading/watching others do it. My paint came out quite flat, so I am hand sanding with 1500 grit on a 6” thin durablock. It is taking very little effort to...
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    Where does this rubber bumper go?

    Hello, it’s been 3 years since I took this all apart, and am now can’t remember where the two bumpers circled in red go? Can anyone with a better memory then mine remember? It might help to let you know it is a 1969 Sport Satellite. thank you!