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    All I ask is to be kept informed.

    So just to be the devil's advocate here. My background, 25 years technician, including owning a shop, and 26 years teaching automotive technology to students. So, you don't mention how this shop is staffed or organized. Is it a one-person shop, 5-person shop? Do they have service writers...
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    I can't stop laughing at the idiots....

    5 million Tesla's have been sold, you don't sell 5 million very expensive cars that are junk, no matter how you advertise. Yes, it is new technology, and yes it takes some adjustment to learn how to identify and schedule charging points on a trip. But millions are doing it and liking the...
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    440 HP est opinion??

    I use performance trends on every engine I spec and build. I have a dyno in my shop and the program is very accurate, if you put accurate info into it. And for example it predicts cranking compression so if you don't know the compression you can do a compression test and manipulate the numbers...
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    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    Mopars have the shortest distance in the bellhousing for converter length. Many race cars have a mid plate, and you have the converter built to account for it, a longer pump drive installed. I have gotten several performance converters that had incorrect pump drive heights. If pump drive is...
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    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    Time to get a pressure gauge on it. I like the TF2 kits they work well, but one time I had an issue with a valvebody that had another brand shift kit installed in it and I did a TF2 over the top of it and did not recognize the first modifications and it acted just like you describe. I just got...
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    Need help with MSD ignition

    There should be a small red LED on the box, if it is flashing while cranking your distributor is sending a signal to the box. You can also take a jumper wire and make the box fire as well to check it. Troubleshooting Techniques
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    WTB AFB Metering Rods

    three step rods are for the AVS, will work in an AFB, but designed for the AVS to help with fuel mixture as they started to phase in EPA regulations in the 70's
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    WTB AFB Metering Rods

    Well the 16-136 are .071 on the idle step and .061 on the power step. Carter AFB NOS Metering Rod 71x61 16-136 Allstate sells a .070 x .057 just a couple thousands off, your carb will never know the difference. A little emery paper and you could have the exact same dimensions
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    WTB AFB Metering Rods

    I buy my metering rods from Allstate carb EDELBROCK AFB METERING RODS - Allstate Carburetor I don't know the part numbers you list, I go by and so does Allstate the diameters of the steps. I think Allstate sells all the sizes still made. I know some sizes are no longer made because I have...
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    Just a pipe dream?

    First nothing political about it, there is no mandate to buy or build electric cars. Just like there is no mandate to buy or make cordless power tools. How many of you still drag out a drill with a cord on it to drill a hole? In looking back in history how many paved roads were there in 1900...
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    Any thoughts about how to get this out?

    Take the weight of the car off the adjuster, weld a nut on the end of the broken adjuster, dress the threads so you can screw the new nut on as far as possible before welding. Take a torch and heat the square block dull red and use an impact wrench to remove the adjuster. Make sure you do not...
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    Really? A 1/16th mile drag strip?

    I build engines for some mud racers and fast track racers, most of them race on a 300 feet mud or dirt surface. It is pretty wild sometimes and a lot of fun. I just am glad I don't have to clean them up after a race. But as with any type of racing it will evolve and gain fans. 1/16 is better...
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    727A troubleshooting help...

    Put a pressure gauge on it. Chrysler did a good job gave pressure ports for every friction element. I have seen guys break the lugs off the front pump gear and it acts like you describe. Are you positive you have enough fluid in it? complete rebuild with stock pan is 12 quarts to my memory.
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    Advice needed.

    Put your box on first, you may not be able to tighten the bolts with the headers on. And you just got to be careful with the headers. And after you take all that care to not scratch them, if your luck is like mine in a years time they will have discolored and started to rust.
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    Leaking exhaust valves

    Not sure of the deposits but I can tell you most likely those exhaust seats leaked when the heads were new. I been grinding valves since 1975 and I have a vacuum tester to make sure my valve jobs hold vacuum. I have found a lot of brand-new heads that the seats leak. They are using cutters to...
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    727 Wont go on to second or third

    You need to put a pressure gauge on it to see what's up. If pressure is getting to the friction elements, then it is a mechanical problem. When you test drive it, run it up in D and when it does not shift let off the gas quick, if it does not pull the engine down, engine will drop to idle...
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    Anybody bought acetylene in a while?

    Yes I did way too expensive. Local auto parts store is a drop off point. I called the home company about 40 miles away, and I could have saved $100.00 if I would have brought the bottle to them and had it filled, none of those EPA charges. But I needed the gas right now for a job.
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    Stop in for a drink.

    During the summer I like a good Margaritta. And most of the mixes have a lot of acid that bothers my stomach. Starting using a splash of lemon lime Gator Aide, get good drink no heart burn. Picture of the poolhouse bar. Knob creek is a good whiskey. I normally drink Wild Turkey or Jim Bean Black.
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    Setting axle end play on a 8 3/4

    With green bearings you don't use the adjusters. Just a plate to hold the axles in the housing. Green bearings are ball bearings, stock are tapered bearings, tapered bearings require preload to work correctly, the adjuster is to provide preload, just like when you tighten the nut on a front...