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    Unbelievable: Sold car now he want's his money back

    I sold a '70 Challenger years back. Beautiful, all done 440/4spd car. Guy drives off and I immediately regret selling the car, but such is life, right ? Ten minutes later he comes back and said the car has a cracked head and I have to do something. I said " Hold on, I'll get your money."...
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    Newest New Guy

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    The Prorac 1968 sport satellite convertible restoration thread

    Best of luck on the project. :thumbsup:
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    Thanks for welcoming us as new members.

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    New to this forum from near Allentown PA

    Welcome neighbor.
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    carburetor rebuild

    x2 Dave is a great guy to deal with
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    Newby to the site - 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee

    Very nice, welcome aboard.
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    New to b bodies

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    Fender top blinkers

    The ground should be provided by the bracket sandwiched between the nuts and the fender.
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    Loss of a member

    R.I.P. Ed.
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    What is the going rate for a 68 these days?

    Bring a Trailer has been selling Mopars for more money these days than in the past.
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    Hello everyone

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    1968 Plymouth GTX

    Mario is right ....BUT they all vary in shading, even in the same model year. I had several pieces both '68 and '69 when building my car and I ended up using whichever ones looked the best next to the radio plate, regardless of the year.
  16. 5wndwcpe

    Window Regulator for Power Windows

    Check your voltage at the motor when going up. I had a bad switch that was dropping 3v. Or, inversely, try running a known 12v directly to the motor.
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    Gen 3 Hemi swappin’ 1969 Coronet

  18. 5wndwcpe

    Heater core to fix

    Agreed. Send the original to Bob at Glen Ray.