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    Holley ultra hp dominator issues

    #305524107/02/22 12:59 PM Cape OP member C Joined: Mar 2010 Posts: 170 Canada Hey everyone. I’m having issues with my 1350 ultra hp dominator. It’s was new when I bought it and sent it to Gary Williams to get it set up more for my car. 69 charger 478 hemi that makes 850@8000rpm, Gforce...
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    Hemi Mopar breathers

    Hey everyone. I picked up a set of black wrinkle Mopar performance hemi valve covers but Mopar doesn’t sell the breathers anymore and the KB ones that look identical to the Mopar ones I can’t find anywhere. Does anyone have a set they’d like to sell? Or point me in the right direction to a set...
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    Mopar Performance hemi valve covers

    Hey everyone. Can anyone help me with breathers for these valve covers? It has holes cutout at the top of the valve covers but no breathers came with them. I bought them new. Can a block off plat work? There the ones that come on the 528 crate Hemi. They say mopar Hemi and the black wrinkle...
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    so I gotta buy a new set soon and was thinking of the Hoosier quick time biasply 28x11.5x15 and was wondering if you can squeeze that tire in a stock 69 charger wheel well. And what rim offset would be needed. Thanks
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    Strange engineering front disc brakes

    Hey guys! I bought the front disc brake conversion kit for my 69 charger in thinking they'll be ok for street/strip mostly strip and the occasional drive to the car shows. But after talking to the tech guy today he said not a great idea. I'm not doing any racing on the street just cruising...
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    Drag racing front rims

    Hey everyone merry Christmas. I'm looking to get a set of weld black skinnies for the front but not sure what the correct off set is. It's a 69 charger with QA1 upper and lower control arms and strange disc brakes. I just don't want the tires sunk in the fender well to much. Any help or pictures...
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    Drag rims

    Hey everyone! Just a quick question. I'm looking to buy a new set of weld drag lites rims for and back. I'm not sure on the back spacing for the rear or how wide of a rim you can go with The car is a 69 charger stock spring location. 15x10x28 is what I'm thinking I'm using M/T 28x10.5 on a 8...
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    Gas gauage problems

    Its in a 69 charger I put a sump in it over the winter and want to use my gauage. I never seen how they are set up from factory wiring on the sending unit so anyone that knows can you help please. I had the gauage wire all hooked up and I grounded it off the sending unit and the gauage only read...
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    Lakewood bell housing and what starter to use

    I just put on a Lakewood bell and now my starter which is a mini powermaster one won't fit. Has anyone else had this problem? I see brewers performance has a starter adapter kit but do u have to use it with every starter. If anyone has used the bell which starter did u use? Oh sorry it's for a...
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    Hemi single plane intake

    Hey you guys im new to the site looks great! I have a racing question for you. My car is a 69 charger 4 speed with a crate 426 hemi gen2 in it just over 500hp 8 3/4 3.91 M/T dr dutchman 30 spline axels 3100lbs pressure plate and a hays disc. The best it did at the track was a 13.1@106 with a...