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    WTB AFB Metering Rods

    three step rods are for the AVS, will work in an AFB, but designed for the AVS to help with fuel mixture as they started to phase in EPA regulations in the 70's
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    WTB AFB Metering Rods

    Well the 16-136 are .071 on the idle step and .061 on the power step. Carter AFB NOS Metering Rod 71x61 16-136 Allstate sells a .070 x .057 just a couple thousands off, your carb will never know the difference. A little emery paper and you could have the exact same dimensions
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    WTB AFB Metering Rods

    I buy my metering rods from Allstate carb EDELBROCK AFB METERING RODS - Allstate Carburetor I don't know the part numbers you list, I go by and so does Allstate the diameters of the steps. I think Allstate sells all the sizes still made. I know some sizes are no longer made because I have...
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    WTB 1965 Dodge coronet convertible rear well covers needed

    I am looking for a set of rear well covers for 1965 dodge coronet convertible. In the repair manual they call them folding top pockets. Made out of a fiber material and bolt over the edge of the rear door panel. Color is not an issue.