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  1. 1967coronet

    Home made engine stand out of wood

    Nice job :thumbsup:
  2. bandit67

    What grit to sand fresh paint with....gezzzz

    Guys, was shooting some single stage solid color, white, and got a bunch of runs. Im sure it was operator error but second time using this new gun, don't like it at all. Any way, I have sanded out runs before on clear coats and used 400 and up , then buffed out. But have never had to sand fresh...

    440 and 727 question

    What’s the advantage in using the truck tailshaft?
  4. YY1

    Dakota Exhaust

    "Under the sheet metal" the Dakota didn't change very much until the 2005 and final body.
  5. 1967coronet

    Legendary Members

    You must be on your 3rd cup. :drinks:
  6. 65Bel

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    In my younger days, there was something magical about riding dirt bikes in sand dunes, at night, by the light of the moon . . .
  7. D

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    absolutely, that was the best time to own a hellcat, got away with murder, the law would not pull you over. went by them many times they were looking at there computer screens, you really had to mess up to get there attention
  8. Lefty71

    Hole to Left of Ignition Switch

    Hand Choke is a possibility, but I had thought they went on the driver's side?? Left side of the column, I should say...... If were looking at a '62, I think it's for the wipers
  9. Mackman

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    Absolutely worthless. We used to ride the motorcycle at night, not anymore. Extreme caution in the cars. We try to get the classic cars home by dusk.
  10. M

    Hole to Left of Ignition Switch

    I have an extra hole about to the left of my ignition switch. It is about in the location below, but larger than that (this is an eBay photo). I know the convertibles had their top switch mounted there. What else was a hole in this location used for?
  11. Lefty71

    Inaugural Ken Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram World of Mopar (Summit-Norwalk)

    I see they have big "help wanted" signs posted all over around the outside of the facility. I don't know if you ever noticed, those kids worked their tails off dishing ice cream out of the big tubs of ice cream.... I assume that's part of the way they kept the cost down, although I doubt they...
  12. Skytrooper

    Ed (short - promise!) Story Time - "Old Pocket Knives"

    I have a small collection of pocket knives that I have gotten over the years. I pretty much have one on me at all times. My recent everyday carry is a small 2.5-3 lock back. That is one of the few things that I have that belonged to my brother. I do have one old pocket knife that holds...
  13. cosgig

    B body owners trailer question

    Buy it, use it, then sell it if it doesn’t work out for you. Trailers are at a premium right now, and have been for awhile. You may even make a few bucks on it if the buy in price is as good as you say.
  14. vance.dykes

    P0688 ECM/PCM Power Relay Sense Circuit

    Home ChryslerP0668 Chrysler DTC P0668 Make:ChryslerCode:P0668Definition:PCM-ECM-TCM Internal Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit LowDescription:The transmission monitoring system uses three temperature sensors. If any one of the sensors fail, the other two sensors are used for the control and...
  15. cosgig

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    I live in the deer/car accident capital of America. It’s bad enough in the daytime, let alone at night. If I have to go to my MIL’s house after dark, I take my daily that has full coverage, there usually no less than a dozen deer in every field out there.
  16. moparedtn

    Very nice 66 Dodge Hemi auction ending on BaT today

    Ah, perspective... I'd not only proudly own that rascal - I'd even drive it. Often. Hell, I'd even wash it once in a while.