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  1. WileERobby

    My dad’s 1974 Dodge Coronet Custom

    Fillers may be difficult to locate. Try Murray Park for that. On the bumpers, you can gut the energy absorbers, measure/cut/shorten/weld to fit the opening as needed.
  2. zyzzyx

    What grit to sand fresh paint with....gezzzz

    You had better use a block and 360 grit to get the runs down to the rest of the paint level, and then use a D.A. with 600 or 800 to scuff the rest of the car. A D.A. will leave high spots that you'll be able to see later!
  3. toolmanmike

    Stripped afb choke housing screw

    Too small of a screw. Those are self tapping machine screw thread. Probably a #6 or #8.
  4. mrhemi

    Stripped afb choke housing screw

    X2 on the Heli coil
  5. Cranky

    1968 Plymouth GTX 440 Restoration

    My dad didn't do much work on cars but whenever that hood went up, I was right there with my head under it!
  6. YY1

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Found one leg of the 2BR door frame had come loose from one side of the (get this) two drywall screws that was holding the 2x4 to the bottom of the metal stud wall. Now have to cut the 2x4 and rip another down to fit in between the stud and secure with screws through the drywall into the ripped...
  7. Cranky

    On Your Honor

    Thing is....usually, what goes around comes around.
  8. YY1

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Set a bath sink basin and started on the second. Stupid me took home the wrenches after the first one, so had to improvise using a small C clamp as a wrench.
  9. V

    My 440 needs a new mini high torque starter. Recommendations?

    Yes it will. They are way smaller than originals.
  10. Cheapsunglasses

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    Driving at night on quite back roads is the best. The soft green glow of the dash lights, you can’t see around you so it makes the world seem to disappear.
  11. DeltaV

    Very nice 66 Dodge Hemi auction ending on BaT today

    VIN: WP23H67268107
  12. Cranky

    64 Dart 170 should be here next weekend.....

    I also had a 67 and a 69....the 67 was a 273 car but the trans was gone....I mean totally missing. Found a 67 Barracuda that was smashed right after getting a complete new front end put under it. It still ran good so I dropped the whole K member out of it and put the /6 and 3 speed stick an all...
  13. X

    Gold Digger - 1968 Charger

    Gorgeous car! Congratulations. I’m looking at a similar car and I’m wondering what the ballpark value would be on that car?
  14. YY1

    Anyone know Graco airless latex paint sprayers?

    Cleaning the output valve and fiddling with the pressure adjustment wheel got it going, then figuring out how much to thin the paint with water and where to set that wheel. ...and some soaking of the tip in 99% alcohol. Reminded me how out of practice I was. That's what happens when you don't...
  15. AR67GTX

    Very nice 66 Dodge Hemi auction ending on BaT today

    He said the wire was for a trickle charger - apparently his receptacle was near the tail.
  16. Hey-O

    Ed (short - promise!) Story Time - "Old Pocket Knives"

    "These silly-assed little knives," I don't think so, I get it!! I have a collection of pocket knives and each one means something to me and each on tells a story. I glad for a happy ending here!!
  17. AR67GTX

    What grit to sand fresh paint with....gezzzz

    I would not finish with anything coarser than 600 but that’s kind of left over from the lacquer days. With urethane I think I would finish with 800. Ah, 68Moparman beat me to it.
  18. 440plus6

    Inaugural Ken Ganley Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram World of Mopar (Summit-Norwalk)

    In my mind, the biggest question is, was the super-hot blonde spokeswoman present???