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  1. Photon440


    At a depth of 18,000 feet, these are the first photos (taken this month) of the sunken Japanese carrier Agaki, which sustained battle damage by aircraft during the Battle Of Midway and was scuttled on June 5, 1942...
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Thermoquad replacement suggestions

    When the Thermoquad went out of production after 1984, Chrysler switched to the Rochester Quadrajet which is also a spread bore.
  4. Photon440

    8 3/4 Housing - Is this crazy?

    5/32" stick.
  5. Photon440

    8 3/4 Housing - Is this crazy?

    Yes, I'm aware of the uses for ER309, I used it to weld stainless steel wear rings into cast steel bolsters. I just wondered why you mentioned it in the first place in post #4 for a simple rear end housing.
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    Newest New Guy

    Hi Mark, great looking road runner! Welcome from B.C., Canada.
  7. Photon440

    8 3/4 Housing - Is this crazy?

    Isn't ER309 used for stainless alloys? I thought most post WWII axle housings that aren't stamped were cast steel. Unlike cast iron, we had no requirement for preheating with heavy cast steel items on the railroad. There wouldn't be any carbide precipitation on a normal steel casting as that...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Built by Martin, powered by Chrysler.
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    Happy Birthday Dibbons

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    Welcome, and thanks for putting up some pictures on your very first post!
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    Thanks for adding me!

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    New Member SE Wisconsin

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    Who Likes Ships? We Have Aircraft and Trains.

    Although the deck guns were heavily greased and had water-tight plugs on the end for submerged running, the simple answer is that before nuclear power, submarines stayed on the surface most of the time anyway and were submerged only to hide or sneak up on an enemy ship. The battery power didn't...
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    Buiding 383 and May Need Info

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    New member here in Montana

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    Who Likes Black & White Photography?

    Another view of the Iroquois engine's size, compared to the B-47 it is attached to.
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    The IGNORE feature.

    I do have a few people on the 'ignore' list, and it isn't because I disagree with their opinions, or that they continually say something stupid or have given me a red x or anything like that. These are the ones who clutter up my "new posts" pages with row after row of for sale items, and when...
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

  19. Photon440

    Best way to tell if leaf springs are still good

    The springs should have some arch when there's nothing in the trunk, BUT it also mentions in the Mopar book on suspensions that the best handling is achieved when the springs are flat
  20. Photon440

    Who Likes Black & White Photography?

    Oh, I know all about that AVRO Arrow. I have over a dozen books on it (including the pilot's flight manual) and the engine which was being tested on the pod in the foreground B-47.