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  1. S

    FOR SALE 1967 1968 Mopar 426 Hemi Torqueflite 727 Automatic Transmission J 2801544

    This is an original 1967-1968 Mopar 727 Torqueflite automatic transmission. This transmission is actually a bit more than that, it was built by Mopar specifically to mount behind 426 Hemi models. That's right, this is a 426 Hemi specific 727 Torqueflite trans! The numbers stamped in the pan...
  2. gkent

    I hate packing peanuts

    Oh ... I was thinking you're a peanut packer and hate your job !!!
  3. threewood

    Heater valve O ring and valve gasket

    This is the only o-ring I can recall after rebuilding mine.
  4. RemCharger

    FOR SALE 1966/2023 Satellite

    That's a serious stroker kit! MP block?
  5. dodgedifferent2

    I hate packing peanuts

    How would they ship packing peanuts to the various places? ;-) Do they wrap them in bubble wrap?
  6. R

    Heater valve O ring and valve gasket

    Heater control valve? After a few stabs with different o-rings I gave up, bypassing the core saying I'll tackle it someday. Only drive the car in summer and after 5 years, have thought it would be great to have defrost on maybe 3 occasions. Putting in new carpeting and a modified console any...
  7. Budnicks

    Happy Birthday bandit67

    A belated HB, sorry I missed it I wasn't on the forum for a couple days hope it was a great day
  8. 65 3 times

    Weld Drag Lights I think

    Get new lugs from Weld. Get new washers from Weld, they are special for these wheels. I would get their open end nuts if your going to race.. Check wheel studs for damage to threads. Inside holes in wheels will need to be checked for chaffing and cleaned. Clean and lube everything. Assemble...
  9. Southbranch

    Was a 400 V-8 available in a base 1972 Satellite?

    By this time the government war on muscle cars was on and insurance companies were charging more for muscle car names. So car manufacturers would put hi performance engines in anything. But Chrysler always did that.
  10. DblR

    Hello from California! 72 Satellite

    Hi butterscotch71, I have a build sheet for a 1972 roadrunner RM23. I got it with my satellite purchase along with it's original. How can I find the owner? He or she might like to have it unless it has been crushed.
  11. Jerry Hall

    1968 Hemi 727 Trans? Please Help ID

    Actually I would say it looks pretty fresh and clean inside.
  12. Belvedere408

    67Gtx hood scoop retainers

    I’ve got the AMD hood scoops that came with hardware. I can take a picture of it for you.
  13. Budnicks

    64 Dart 170 should be here next weekend.....

    yeah the 67-69 cars are my favorite for the Darts, (mini RRs) same years with the Barracuda's/'cuda's Them all in 383 cars...
  14. 4vnut

    Thermoquad replacement suggestions

    I just can't fathom a Quadrajet on a Mopar. True, when right, just like a Thermoquad, they are excellent carbs however I couldn't put Thermoquad on a chevy either. They just don't go together.
  15. T2R9

    I hate packing peanuts

    SPI is famous for them!
  16. threewood

    Do you like to drive late at night? How about in the rain?

    I enjoy the quiet and reduced traffic at night. Rain doesn't bother me. It's peaceful.
  17. R

    I hate packing peanuts

    Yeah, have had a couple occasions where those end up all over and stick to the broom, pants, shirt. Or the boxes that are big enough to hold a microwave for a part the size of a coffee mug..
  18. C

    Engine placement 63 Plymouth

    I recently bought a 63 Plymouth Savoy and as I'm standing in front of the car looking at the engine it seems to be crooked favoring the pass side. I know all mopar engines are offset toward the pass side but it looks like the front of the motor is further over than the rear of the engine. Is...
  19. threewood

    Heater valve O ring and valve gasket

    Not the o-ring but the rubber valve internal to the control housing.
  20. C

    I hate packing peanuts

    I install a lot of sewage ejector systems and the packaging peanuts that come with them are water soluble. A 5 gallon bucket full of them will dissolve in a few hours when submerged in water.