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  1. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    5.9 Magnum Conversion

    Just curious if anybody is doing any 5.9 magnum conversions to any of there mopars A or B body? If so,does cost get outrageous? How hard is the engine and trans swap? Does anyone make performance parts for the 5.9 besides Hughes engines? Car **** is always cool as well! Thanks for any responses!
  2. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    741 pinion bolt Help!!

    I can't seem to get the pinion bolt off the pinion rusted on pretty bad and no socket size seems to fit. Anyone know the size? What is the best way to remove it??? Thanks alot!!
  3. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    1.5 ratio rockers recommendations ?

    Hey What's up guys just curious if u guys can recommend a set of rockers 4 my 440? I don't have a lot of $$ to spend and am looking to crank some power out of this engine. I am looking to stick w/ 1.5 ratio stainless steel,I just don't have a ton of $ to spend on Harland sharpe,Jesel, Or even...
  4. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Tci 727 gear ratio???

    Anybody know what the final gear ratio of a tci super street fighter trans is 3.73 gear in the rear?
  5. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Wrist pin differences?

    Just curious what the difference between the 2 sizes of wrist pins are 4 pistons? 1.094 and 0.990. Would it make any difference on machining or strength in a 500-550 hp rebuild? Oh yeah its a 440 engine. Thanks alot?
  6. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    pistons,dome or flat top??

    I was curious what would be a better choice 4 me I have a 78 440 block, .030 over,wanting to run a decent size cam hydraulic flat tappet,think 540 lift and somewhere around 232 duration @.050 also says the sweet spot is 2000 to 5500 rpm, I found it from Hughes engines.I also am using 452...
  7. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    comp cams ??

    Has anyone had problems w/ comp cams I am looking at a comp 519 lift for my 440 519 lift 294/306 duration just something a little hotter than A Mopar .509 lift cam wanna stick to hydraulic flat tappet and something streetable that starts in the high 2000 rpm range or any good custom cams that...
  8. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Stupid Question bout Block/crank...

    Hey hope this don't sound to stupid, so I found out that my block is cut .10 undersize on the crank.The crank I have is a forged from a hp engine,and is also cut .10 under on the rod/main journals,so what size bearings will I need? I dont know if im just confusing myself because its late,thanks...
  9. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    440 rods ???

    Hey How's everyone doing!? Have a question. Are all 440 connecting rods forged for every year? Is there a difference in the strength? Is a 68 rod stronger than a 73-78? And will the later rods hold up against say 550hp? Thanks alot!
  10. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Eddy Head ??

    I was curious if you could elaborate on a fact or fiction question,will edelbrock heads warp easier than a cast iron head,and can I remove them safely to do future work to my 440 or will they be junk if I torque them and have to take them off in the future and torque them back on?
  11. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    pulling apart 8.75 rearend ???

    I currently have an 8.75 741 posi rear end dont think its a suregrip,I am pulling it apart this week what special tools do I need to pull the axle shafts and pinion yolk?
  12. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Distributor gear ???

    I am thinking of running a mopar 509 lift mechanical flat tappet cam in my 440.Would I need a bronze distributor drive gear or can I just use a steel one since its not a roller?
  13. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    What cubic inch displacement would this be???

    Alright I have a 440 magnum im gonna bore .30 over, and thinking about a 4.15 stroke,what would I end up with? Also I am looking at staying at 10.5.1 compression how would I achieve this? I am using eddy performer heads a Mopower purple cam .509 lift and flat top pistons speed pro or srp,eddy...
  14. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Is this A hole in my 440???

    Been pulling my 440 magnum apart and this is what I found want to know if this is a hole in the front of my block? Sorry I am no mechanic!!
  15. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Can someone ballpark a good engine rebuild?

    I have had stuff written in here before about what direction I should go with a rebuild and you were all very helpful,so here comes another one, I have a 69 440hp magnum.If the engine needs to be bored over,.30 over is all im doing if I can,the stock engine should make 10.1 compression right? I...
  16. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Rotating assembly ???

    Recently seen that my cam had a crack in it. So I decided to take it to the machine shop before I have the bottom end inspected, is there any way to inspect if my bottom end is holding compression without compression checking it,I barred it over with the heads still on and all the exhaust ports...
  17. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    440 engine may need a rebuild????

    So here is my dilema,I just pulled the intake off the 440 this weekend to look at what was going on inside a little,what I discovered was a good chunk taken out of the front of the cam lobe,sorta deep to,also exhaust valves seem to have a little carbon build up,curious if any one could tell me...
  18. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Block drain plug ?????

    Does the block drain plug need any type of sealer when I put it back in?? Any help is appreciated!
  19. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    Valley pan ????

    On a 440 valley pan should I use intake manifold gaskets under or over the valley pan???
  20. Bens69PlymouthSatellite

    curious what is broken on 8.75 rear?

    How are you all doing hope your projects are going well! Well I was cleaning up my 8.75 rear end and on the driver side axle housing I noticed a hole with what appeared to be a hollow bolt snapped off inside it,so a little anoyed:mad:I refered to "ye old factory service bible" and all it told me...