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  1. flyingfarley

    My Satellite is a porker!

    Back in the day my then new 1966 Coronet 440, 426 Hemi, 4 speed, Dana rear weighted in at 4040# on the drag strip scales. I was really surprised at that weight
  2. flyingfarley

    What year did they fix the 8 3/4 problem

    8 3/4 was the only rear available in a max wedge powered 62-64 Mopar
  3. flyingfarley

    Two door wagons?

    I believe 57 for Dodge and 61 for Plymouth in full size wagons.....
  4. flyingfarley

    Who makes fender well headers?

    I have those A-body headers on my 65 Coronet AFX car...engine is in stock location...they fit well...just had to do a little trimming underneath for the collector.
  5. flyingfarley

    Straight Axle

    I used the 48" speedway straight axle, and the Chevy spindles, I like the Chevy spindles better than the early Ford, I think they are a little stronger. Mark
  6. flyingfarley

    part # for 440 starter?

    I have personally bought five or six of these from DB Electrical...no problems on my 500 inch BB with 12.5 to 1, or my 408 SB with 12.2 to 1....work flawless
  7. flyingfarley

    65 VI tag

    My 65 Coronet looks as tho the vin tag is welded on or punched on someway....no rivits
  8. flyingfarley

    727 converter suggestions

    Don't forget your early 727 has a different spline inside than the 67? and later transmissions.....got mine from Pat Blais..out out of the Northwest....great service...quality product...
  9. flyingfarley

    Block casting date question

    The 440 first came out for the 1966 model year cars........I have a 1965 casting date on a 440 out of a 1966 chrysler in the shop. I doubt any production 440's exist with an earlier than mid 65 casting date...
  10. flyingfarley

    Straight Axle

    Ditto on the Speedway setup......I put the speedway kit on my 65 Coronet....worked great...goes down the road excellent.
  11. flyingfarley

    Eddy Performer Heads?

    I have three sets in use now.......two big blocks and one 360 stroker small block.....have had no problems. I threw them on with no modifications...other than some surface milling to get the compression up on them. One set has been on for almost 10 years with no problems at all. If you are...
  12. flyingfarley

    727 convertor drainback problem

    I have a 62 727 push button trans that the convertor drains back into the trans when the car sits, then it leaks out of the trans where the shift cable goes in the transmission due to the high fluid level. My question is what normally keeps the convertor from draining back to the pan. The...
  13. flyingfarley

    Mopar Transmission Oil Pan # 2464419 with Drain Plug

    Looks just like the old mopar performance pan I have on my 65 coronet, Was a deep pan and came with the aluminum spacer for the filter. Was Mopar performance part number P4120161 the chrome pan, and P3690730 for the unplated version. They also made both for the 904 trans too. Early 90's if i...
  14. flyingfarley

    10.950 clutch disc

    I remember selling clutches for those cars back in the day in my speed shop, and we usually just sold the 10 1/2 in setup...a heavy duty 10.5 setup will take almost all the power you can feed to it. Mother mopar advertised the 10.9 setup as a 11 inch clutch back in the day...they just lied by a...
  15. flyingfarley

    10.950 clutch disc

    I'n not positive...but some of those 10.8 or 10.9 pressure plates used a 10.5 in pressure plate bolt pattern
  16. flyingfarley

    D.U.I Distributors

    I have one in my Dodge stock car...other than the size issue, it is awsome...lots of spark...I ran it in an electric drill when i got it with the wires/plugs etc. I couldn't believe the spark just turning it with a drill...the plugs really snapped when they sparked even at that low rpm...very...
  17. flyingfarley

    eddy heads

    The cylinder heads arived by Fed-Ex today...the total bill was 1171.36 including shipping. The heads come 2 in one box....can't buy just one. Amazon must have pulled the promotion. I got mine they look great...all the stock hardware will work but need special head bolts with washers. I...
  18. flyingfarley

    eddy heads

    I found them on Amazon .com through frugalmechanic.com Now I can't find that link for 1171.36 w/free shipping anymore! The add said head, but the picture was a pair. They should be delivered today according to the delivery notice....we will see later in the day!
  19. flyingfarley

    eddy heads

    I just ordered a set of the 75cc e-street heads from Amazon.com for 1175.00 delivered to my door...