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  1. flyingfarley

    Racing Insurance and roll cage?

    Over the years i have insured many cars (over 6) with Hagerty and all had roll bars installed....never had a problem
  2. flyingfarley

    Would you build it? Bore wall thickness.

    I have had probably 1 out of 3 360 blocks with bad core shift problems...just sleeve the bad cylinder...bore to the size of the rest of the cylinder, and build that 408.....they are awesome motors...love lots of cam, and make great horsepower
  3. flyingfarley

    Canister HP oil filters for BB ?

    I have been running FRAM HP1, or the shorter HP3 for since the early 70's on anything "performance" I own.... no problems at all...and yes...I still run regular Fram filters on my other cars!
  4. flyingfarley

    727 Trans cooler ?

    Could be the torque converter draining back into the pan when the car sits. My 65 Coronet has the trans cooler below the level of the cooling lines on the trans and still gains an inch or two in the dipstick when it sets for a week or so. Don't know how to stop that....must be a check ball in...
  5. flyingfarley

    Removable steering wheel

    Grant Industries used to make a removable steering wheel adapter for stock steering columns, used as a theft prevention thing...they may still make it?
  6. flyingfarley

    Fiberglass goodies

    Here's some pictures of the project
  7. flyingfarley

    Fiberglass goodies

    I just put a fiberglas trunk lid on my 65 Coronet AWB using the stock hinges....I fiberglassed a piece of angle iron to the bottom of the trunk for the stock hinges to bolt to...put two threaded holes in the angle iron to bolt to stock hinges...works great...put two Dzus fastners to hold it shut...
  8. flyingfarley

    5 Point harness with factory seats?

    I think as long as you have a cage with a crossbar to mount the shoulder harnass to you should be OK...you don't want to mount your shoulder harnass al the way down on the floor...you need a crossbar below the top of the seat and below your shoulders. That would probably pass tech unless you...