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    Considering Selling the GTX

    personally- i think the market has peaked. Gone are the days of low interest loans for these cars that many would use as an occasional driver. Those with cash are waiting for other opportunities in the coming years. I'd say do it now before the inventory increases and downward pressure happens...
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    We have owned Airedales over the years and had a female that loved to hunt in the yard. Rabbits, squirrels, and skunks. First time she got sprayed she runs back in the house before we can figure out what is going on- the fresh smell is like burning plastic! she and the house reeked! A few years...
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    Aloha from Maui HI - I just became a Mopar daddy

    Jim-So sorry to hear that. Hoping that you and others (have clients that own property in Lahaina) are covered with adequate insurance. We were just there this Spring and to think of that entire area now gone is just heartbreaking on so many levels.
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    New from Rhody!

    And another Rhody Welcome! and a first Gen too!
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    Correct engine paint color for 1967

    Hirsch Auto has what you need! And not far away from you either. www.hirschauto.com
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    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    Hey-O hit the nail on the head. It can work well in certain examples. I was just offered it on a investment property but the income (even at the discounted rate) still didnt make sense due to extremely high HOA.
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    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    Kern- looking at my screen name and you can guess what my career is ( not all of us are bad, I promise!). Growing up, i moved every 6-7 years and this continued until I was 30. Finally settled on the East Coast and have been in RI for past 20 years. My quick read on your post above- your home...
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    Lil ol 383 back from the Dyno

    RD- 4.25; I was concerned there as well, but all 3 (TF,440Src and Builder) did not have issue with this.
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    sorry about that- my inbox was full. whats up?

    sorry about that- my inbox was full. whats up?
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    Lil ol 383 back from the Dyno

    TF Hydraulic Roller 243/247 w .600lift
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    Lil ol 383 back from the Dyno

    440 Source Kit to 496ci with TF 240 Heads and QF 750. Side Note- the folks at the Dyno shop were very impressed with the Progressive Ignition Distributor-the adjustable timing on the fly, immediate read out were all what i have heard. but his comment was from a safety side in that he could read...
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    Factory 383 - Is it worth keeping?

    Stroke It!!
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    Lil ol 383 back from the Dyno

    Just a stock 383 right? :)
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    Selling my dart to buy a 67 charger

    Motors aren’t too bad; and even gauge can be a simple ground. Do all EL lights work? That can be a pricey fix
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    Best flowing heads for a big block

    Agreed - initial thought was the air cleaner will cover it.
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    Best flowing heads for a big block

    My 240s with the logo removed and prior to factory Turquoise paint. Wonder how many eyes will notice at the shows…
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    New member from NY

    Welcome from the state that everyone thinks is Staten Island: Rhode Island!
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    The Best Year for the Charger?

    I’ll take a financial viewpoint and say Gen 1 ( and because I’m a new owner!). I was able to locate an original 67 with 383 4 speed factory air and power windows. Driver quality and then some. 30k. It sits next to a Gen 2 at the local speed shop that was pulled from TX and essentially a shell...
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    Who runs "Hemi" Mufflers? Looking for sound clips

    Setting up something very similar - H or X pipe?
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    Which wheels are you running with Wilwood 12" rotors?

    I ended up after 2 sets of steelies, going to a 17 Magnum. I too wanted the stock look and the 15 was never going to work. So, sent them back and ordered some 17 steel ( OEM style for 67) thinking these would surely fit. And these also had to be returned due to the conical shape of wheel between...