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  1. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    See above I reworded my post, I'm not a BB to people. Ron
  2. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    We have conversed by email but I haven't gotten any type of quote or time-line from him yet.
  3. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    Thanks Brett I just left him a message and sent him an email!
  4. RJS

    Anodized trim restore??

    I have 2 18" and 1 12" piece of my side trim that I need to have restored to match NOS pieces. Who does trim restoration and anodizing now a days??? Thanks in advance Ron
  5. RJS

    71 airgrabber hood seal

    Not what he is asking for, DMT has the bubble to hood seal and all others. Ron
  6. RJS

    Pass side mirrors

    Very helpful!!!!! Thank you very much for those pictures, should get me drilling any day now!! Thanks Ron
  7. RJS

    Pass side mirrors

    Can you post it? I only have the car a week so don't own a FSM yet. Thanks Ron
  8. RJS

    72 SSP vinyl top trim removal

    I don't see how you can remove the trim without unbolting the outer two molding clips from under the headliner. The center ones are plastic but with those bolt down outer still in place you'll scratch up the roof. Ron
  9. RJS

    Graphics for 1972 RR and GTX?

    Look at the Performance Car Graphics site. Ron
  10. RJS

    1971 Road Runner elastomeric bumper

    I think I saw Burns Fiberglass on FB is going to be making the brow. Look there to get an idea maybe?? Ron
  11. RJS

    71 Satellite Grille Attachment

    Best bet is to call Tom at RT Specialties to see what he has for the headlight sides. it was only 4 years ago but I can't remember the other pieces right now. Ron
  12. RJS

    71 SSP Glass and Gaskets

    MoparMarks answered that for you up above. Ron
  13. RJS

    71 SSP Glass and Gaskets

    You can also buy from AMD if you want Chrysler markings ( they are close but no cigar) or ECS if your doing a real resto. and need date code correct markings. Ron
  14. RJS

    72 satellite sebring bodyside molding clips

    Yes it is nice but not perfect, love to have it redone oneday.
  15. RJS

    72 satellite sebring bodyside molding clips

    Thankyou, I posted all the clips you should need, going from memory and although it's only a couple of months ago I'm old!!! This is it now. Ron
  16. RJS

    72 satellite sebring bodyside molding clips

    This is the only picture I took while putting my molding back on. There are 3 types of clips needed. Majority are the WHITE Plastic (not the off WHITE ones) Memory says around 36 of them. Then there are a handful of spring type push-ins and a handful of 1/4" pieces with a stud and nut. As I...
  17. RJS

    Is underhood fender bracing factory or a custom add-on?

    The first 72 I bought in 1977 from Original owner didn't have them or any sign of them being removed. This second one I have now has them. Wish I knew what dictated them. Ron
  18. RJS

    Best source for hardware?

    RT Specialties