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  1. RJS

    Wheel Shops in NJ

    It really is better if you do your own homework, maybe buy one of those plastic wheel offset gauges to do your measurements first. By the way how is your build going????? Ron
  2. RJS

    Firestone Wide Ovals RWL on 1971 Plymouth road runner?

    To answer your question NO Firestone raised white not used on 1971 Road Runner. Good Year was tire used. Ron
  3. RJS

    Wheel Stud questions

    Thanks and yes I don't have that car anymore but I may hold on to them for the day I could use them or help out a friend. Ron
  4. RJS

    Wheel Stud questions

    Yes Craig that makes perfect sense, the one car I did own that fits the description was the 70 GTX 440 4bbl with 4 wheel power drums. Thanks Ron
  5. RJS

    Wheel Stud questions

    I know about left hand studs and where they go, my question is about these specific lugs and the P/N i provided. it's just a guess they were for my 70 GTX's (I had two) I've also had 69 GTX and R/T and 70 Cuda's etc... Thanks Ron
  6. RJS

    Wheel Stud questions

    Anyone know what I have here??? I can't remember what application these were for, I bought them 20 or so years ago and thinking they may be for a 70 GTX but unsure. 5 I believe are for front rotors and the orange 5 maybe the rear axles. They are all lefthand 1/2" studs and the bag has a Dorman...
  7. RJS

    72 Road Runner wheels help

    No to the cop wheels and the caps you have look to be very dull so they get a NO also. I think the TT look outstanding on your car!! Ron
  8. RJS

    Torq Thrust D rims and backspace? (sorry, I had to)

    Scoop was on from previous owner. Ron
  9. RJS

    Torq Thrust D rims and backspace? (sorry, I had to)

    I run TT 15x6 front and 15x8 rear. Front tire is a 215-75-15 and rear tire is Mickey Thompson 28x10. Rear bs is 4.5. Ron
  10. RJS

    66 Coronet "day 2" type while/tire mod

    On my 66 Satellite I put Torque Thrust 15x8 with 4.5 B.S. and Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R Tires 6640 which are 28x10 with zero problems. Ron
  11. RJS

    Centerline Auto Drag 15x10 & 15x3 - local pickup only

    You should put this in the forsale area
  12. RJS

    71 Charger RT upgrade from 14 to 15 steel wheels

    I have 15x7 with G60-15 front and L60-15 rear. The 255 will fit the front on your car but surely rub the inner frame rail at full turning lock. Ron
  13. RJS

    Magnum 500’s?

    15" with chrome spokes, I'd say reproduction wheels. Ron
  14. RJS

    Rally Wheel Difference

    I can't answer that but if you think about it the 1972 and later (Canadian) wheel ran for many years but the earlier where only used for 70 and 71. If this wasn't pointed out most wouldn't pick out the difference until you know there is a difference. Ron
  15. RJS

    Rally Wheel Difference

    What Brett has shown is correct and that is how all the reproduction rallye's are. They are based off of the 1972 and later Canadian wheel. Ron
  16. RJS

    Raised White Color Issues (Pics)

    Read the pages of information about this subject on Moparts. It appears to happen to 255 60-15 and 275 60-15 the most. Experienced it myself and even had a pair exchanged out by Discount Tire. Ron
  17. RJS

    OE valve stem caps

    If your car had Trim Rings (Road Wheels) then the wheels had 1/2" valve extensions. Ron
  18. RJS

    500 rally rims......

    And the point to this thread????????
  19. RJS

    '70 Plymouth GTX Rally Wheels

    Yes buildsheet will tell you the story. Ron