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  1. tadjou

    The Superbird wing is now on my 69 Roadrunner (with pics)

    I agree, nice car. But I might be a bit bias. :) Not sure of the wing though. You just might be a trend setter.:)
  2. tadjou

    New guy with 70 Road Runner

    Nice ride and welcome.
  3. tadjou

    Neighbor complains about my car.

    I once live right next door to a guy who drove a Harley daily with shorty pipes. I lived through it. :yes:
  4. tadjou

    MassMopar 2nd Annual Cookout @ Rutland State Park Sep 7th

    Yes, what a great cookout it was. Great food, excellent weather and best of all was the fine folks and their mopars Links to pics of the cookout
  5. tadjou

    Good Mass./NH engine shop?

    We have a list of engine builders in Mass on our site. It is not a complete list but it's a start. Engine builder list on MassMopar You might want to post the same question at MassMopar and the members there can tell you who is reputable. Tadjou
  6. tadjou

    MassMopar 2nd Annual Cookout @ Rutland State Park Sep 7th

    It is going to be nice weather tomorrow for the MassMopar Cookout. So come and enjoy the weather, the cars and other mopar guys and gals. Sunday, September 7 @ 12pm Rutland State Park. Rte. 122A, Rutland 508 886-6333 Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/5abz4e The MassMopar Team...
  7. tadjou

    What is your most prized award?

    I got a t-shirt for showing up at a local dairy bar. :grin: It's the only show I enter.:)
  8. tadjou

    Hello from Germany! Chris and his ´67 Charger!

    nice car.....and welcome
  9. tadjou

    Save $30.00 at Summit

    It's called shopping around. Thanks for the tip, I do the same for Rock Auto closeout emails. never said you were dumb....just negative and arrogant. Back to the original crust of the matter here, the original poster posted a promotional discount code to help someone (see what's going on...
  10. tadjou

    Save $30.00 at Summit

    Instead of slamming you I am going to suggest you not bring this place down with your negative and arrogant persona. Its people like you that drive away other members from posting. BTW, the promotional code is for one time use but if you call and ask the sale reps what they can do for you they...
  11. tadjou

    Save $30.00 at Summit

    Why do I get the feeling this place is starting to feel like moparts?
  12. tadjou

    Hey from Massachusetts

    I've seen that car personally and it is an absolutely stunning car.
  13. tadjou


    I have been kicking around the idea of converting my Road Runner to a A12 clone. It' a nom driver. I figure 3-4k in parts/motor to do the conversion. Would that increase the value of the car as a clone?
  14. tadjou


    He's been busy being a mod over at MassMopar.