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    Falls Church Motors

    I still keep looking as well This is great stuff Cannot wait to post a few more photos as car progresses
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    Falls Church Motors

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    Falls Church Motors

    I ran my vin through Chrysler Historical as they found my vin on microfiche and told me this was the dealer my car was delivered. The copy was poor and this is from my email but person who ran it for me confirmed the dealership. For example they said 293 sure grip 8 3/4 and it is in car.
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    Falls Church Motors

    I found out my 65 Coronet 500 was delivered to Falls Church Motors in Virginia. Has anyone seen one of their dealer badges? Trunk or body a panel emblems? Dan
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    new member 65 Coronet 500

    I ended up doing a 383 Stroker as the 68 block came with the car. Here is a photo as we are ready for cam break in and dyno session. This is a going to be a nice street set up with plenty of torque. Running 4 speed with what I believe are 293 gears ? Rebuilt center section before I got it. As I...
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    65-65 B Body Pedals

    Are these 64-65 B Body Pedals? Dan
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    FOUND 65 Coronet Hood Latch

    Not sure how to clean it out? Mark older messages as read?
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    FOUND 65 Coronet Hood Latch

    Looking to buy 65 coronet latch I have a good working on but soaked in vinegar to remove rust and damaged the circular rubber piece that turns to move the latch… Dan
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    New Member for Upstate NY and Hemi help

    Welcome I am in Oneida near you Working on a 65 Coronet Best place to learn is right here I too am a converted GM guy !
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    FOUND Wtb 65 coronet dash trim

    Hello I have a 65 Coronet 500 Looking for pieces around heater controls and radio Patina is ok just want something not broken or cracked Sincerely Da
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    65 gas pedal to linkage photo

    Awesome!! Thank You Dan
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    65 gas pedal to linkage photo

    How does the pedal sit on the rod?
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    65 gas pedal to linkage photo

    Hello I bought my 65 Coronet in boxes so gradually getting to reassembled. Can someone send me a photo of gas pedal on linkage? I have the linkage and cable just want to see ho pedal sits on it. Thanks Dan
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    FOUND 65 Coronet Gauge Cluster

    Looking for driver quality I have a few 65 parts if interested in a trade as well Dan
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    SOLD American Powertrain Aluminum Big Block 11 Inch Bellhousing

    This bellhousing came with a 65 Coronet I bought in pieces. It is brand new and has never been used. I am selling as I do not need it for my set up. Price is $350 plus shipping from 13421 PayPal accepted I am located in Oneida, NY I pulled this description from the website The American...
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    FOR SALE Dodge Hurst Inland Mopar 1966-69 B-body 4 Speed Console Shifter Boot & Ring

    I have a 65 and bought this in error, nice reproduction $75 plus shipping from 13421 Pay Pal accepted I am located in Oneida, NY Dan
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    *unofficial what are you listening to?* thread

    I second Pete Just look at my screen name !