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    Looking at purchasing a '70 RR tomorrow

    I would guess the next caller offered more than asking or they dropped what they were doing and looked at it. If it's a fair deal, we can't hesitate. I've had it happen as I was driving to look at something. The other potential buyer said: "I'll take it", and I was out. To prevent this, I...
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    75 yr old newbie

    That looks like fun. Does it need rear tires yet?
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    Bought a 62 Dodge Dart 440 Station Wagon

    Welcome, more pictures when you can, please
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    Max Wedge

    Welcome! It's not a big deal, but something I like about buying here is we must post a price and photo(s). I look at a lot of stuff I don't need, or know I can't afford, just to look at the photos. I know when I see a Daytona for sale, I have pictures to look at. Still a kid that way. There...
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    New here with a fun/secret project in mind

    It's not easy to improve on a 72 SSP, they were pretty comfy cars. I assume they were all cars with PS, PB, A/C, and even with a 318, plenty of power. One might put a aftermarket fuel injection on it.
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    First Timer B Body

    Welcome, BB 4 speed. Nice. What is your goal? 100% stock looking? Smoking sleeper? Straight axle gasser? You can find what you need here.
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    New guy from Louisiana

    Fender Tag Don't know where they are on a '74, but the one on my 66 is on the top on the inner left fender
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    1966 DODGE CHARGER Altered Wheelbase Build = AWB

    Welcome, I will be watching for the answer to #1 myself. #2: I would say: Do both. With a lot of power, too much rigidity is better than not enough. #3: There is a member who raced B Body Altereds in the day. He posts photos now and then, very interesting to me. If he's willing, you...
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    New Member from Burbank

    You bet your Bippy
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    My 66 Belvedere

    Welcome, My sister's boyfriend, now brother in law, had one like yours. I was eleven years old with my Dad's shotgun blasting down a ice patched State two lane highway heading towards his folks' place near Mitchel South Dakota. Claimed "Pheasant Capitol" My first Pheasant hunt. The car...
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    Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

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    Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

    Search for threads about shipping a car to Germany. Many have done it. If you can't find any start one. The costs I have been told are a very small percentage of the cost of a Hemi car. The green one is about the same money, but has a 4 speed and lot more information.
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    Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

    That ad is suspect. The car is in Germany, the seller in Florida. I didn't see where it said the car's location. Here is a Hemi RR and the seller can be trusted: https://www.forbbodiesonly.com/moparforum/threads/1968-plymouth-hemi-road-runner.226829/#post-912002000
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    Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

    It's all on my Profile Page
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    Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

    What? I translated the page. If I understand, it has to be financed, no cash. I'll check it out by sending all my financial info.
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    Hemi Road Runner for sale in Germany

    $90K isn't a give away, but 8 weeks is a long time. Tread, but tread carefully. Don't put down any money until you or someone you know has seen it in person.
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    Details on 1969 Charger

    Assuming it comes with discs in front, I wouldn't get excited about rear discs before I got the car. It will slow down and stop just fine.
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    Details on 1969 Charger

    Somebody didn't like the feel of vinyl and had the inserts replaced. Seen it many times. Vinyl is sticky, slippery, cold, hot... lot's of reasons to replace new material. As a kid, I didn't care for my Aunt's clear seat covers on her Nash. Kept the seats nice, though.
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    New to FBBO, lifetime Mopar lover

    I call those Happy Problems, 340 or 440, can't lose.
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    79 camaro “DeathTrap”

    You would warm a lot of hearts if you put a 440 or late model hemi in it. You would go faster too. Fixed up nicely, you will learn a lot and it could bring enough money to get into a B Body and do it again.