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    1970 Dodge Charger value with no title

    A while back uncle Tony's garage on YouTube did a Vermont title acquirement video was very well laid out suggest you go back and look at that one should be no problem the way it sounded which was very good news to me because I did not know any other way to do it
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    At a loss with my Drivetrain Vibration

    Driveline angles in a perfect world are one to two thousands earth degrees I would dial indicator all your shaft points and looking at it any used drive shaft usually doesn't come within the specs new drive shaft balanced by a good shop fixed my 69 charger 500 never has been as smooth before the...
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    A Bogus Daytona

    As per the vin tag what did that say I have A-69 charger 500 that on the data tag on the Fender says XS 29 the vin number on the dash says xx 29 so it's very possible it's correct but without the dash vin code or the fender or trunk lip I should say and the core support numbers that will be...
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    Selecting Cam, getting that low rpm off-idle response?

    Original hypo 383 four barrel type Cam would be best if you wanna upgrade a little bit go to the street hemi grind but I think you will sacrifice just a little bit of idle
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    Is this real? Should we buy it?

    Beautifully done car restomod original debatable I think you find a nice original super bee restored for that price range but if you like the car and want to drive it and can get along without the originality and and price range is right go for it
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    1969 Charger 500 Rebuild

    do you have the registry web,email ??to add my car to the list [options wise} my email ***************** no##xx29l9b162264
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    Possible blown head gasket?

    that sucks. have a quick repair there..!!
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    Slight gas smell on oil dipstick

    fuel pump is my bet
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    WTB 68-69-70 Charger exhaust tips

    i have nos mopar tips 150$ pair plus ship cost to you thanks mike