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  1. John Hogan

    Great Christmas Gift from the Wifey!

    My wife does stained glass for a hobby. She surprised me with the coolest Christmas gift ever...a stained glass Road Runner!
  2. John Hogan

    69bfan around?

    Good to know all is OK personally. The supply chain is killing this hobby........
  3. John Hogan

    69bfan around?

    Anyone heard from 69bfan lately? There are lots of recommendations to contact him about belt line moldings but he hasn't responded to my message about availability for my '73 RR. Also see he was last seen here on September 7, 2021, hope everything is OK with him.
  4. John Hogan

    Without saying your age,Say something a young person wouldn’t understand

    I loved the Dewey Decimal system when researching for reports in high school!