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    All I ask is to be kept informed.

    So just to be the devil's advocate here. My background, 25 years technician, including owning a shop, and 26 years teaching automotive technology to students. So, you don't mention how this shop is staffed or organized. Is it a one-person shop, 5-person shop? Do they have service writers...
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    I can't stop laughing at the idiots....

    5 million Tesla's have been sold, you don't sell 5 million very expensive cars that are junk, no matter how you advertise. Yes, it is new technology, and yes it takes some adjustment to learn how to identify and schedule charging points on a trip. But millions are doing it and liking the...
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    Really? A 1/16th mile drag strip?

    I build engines for some mud racers and fast track racers, most of them race on a 300 feet mud or dirt surface. It is pretty wild sometimes and a lot of fun. I just am glad I don't have to clean them up after a race. But as with any type of racing it will evolve and gain fans. 1/16 is better...
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    Anybody bought acetylene in a while?

    Yes I did way too expensive. Local auto parts store is a drop off point. I called the home company about 40 miles away, and I could have saved $100.00 if I would have brought the bottle to them and had it filled, none of those EPA charges. But I needed the gas right now for a job.
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    Stop in for a drink.

    During the summer I like a good Margaritta. And most of the mixes have a lot of acid that bothers my stomach. Starting using a splash of lemon lime Gator Aide, get good drink no heart burn. Picture of the poolhouse bar. Knob creek is a good whiskey. I normally drink Wild Turkey or Jim Bean Black.
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    Best or coolest picture you've taken?

    I took these pictures in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area if you like the outdoors, camping, and fishing no prettier place to visit.
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    Anyone on here have their big toe joint fused/screwed together ?

    Yes I had it done almost 2 years ago. I had a good outcome. I had a big bone spur on my joint that was very painful. It takes a little longer to get over the operation than they say. I can walk just fine and I have no pain anymore. It does kind of affect your balance; I do some exercises by...
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    Favorite NHRA Driver All time....

    Bob Glidden, I was always a want to be prostock guy. And the season that he retired a winning Ford and brought out the Plymouth arow and still kicked but was just awesome.
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    Old fart issues...

    Yep, I am 67 and it seems like when my sinus acts up, I get vertigo. When I move my head a certain way or roll over on a creeper the room starts to spin. And I have trouble sometimes walking on uneven ground. And yes, some exercises do seem to help. I went to the doctor about the vertigo...
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    State Achieves Goal Of Having Every Road Under Construction At The Same Time

    Well, I guess take your pick, road construction or potholes. They have been rebuilding all the bridge's around here, so lots of detours, but I would rather put up with a detour for a couple months than have a bridge collapse. Most of those bridges were built in the 30's and 40's on our country...
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    Where were you, In the summer of '73? American Graffitti turns 50 years old.

    I was a Junior in High School, and street racing a 1970 340 Dart 4-speed. The little town we lived in was like American Graffiti every Saturday night. Cruising up main street through the park and turn around at the A&W, chasing women, and drinking beer out on a gravel road, waiting for the drag...
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    Property Tax on vehicles in West Virginia?

    Don't know about West Virginia but Missouri charges personal property taxes on all vehicles. To get your license you have to show a paid tax receipt. You can sneak by with vehicles not yearly licensed. I got buddies that have cars but not licensed and they don't claim them.
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    Am I the only one that sees a million Medicare commercials?

    I am sick of seeing them as well. One thing to ask if you are a senior like I am, if those advantage plans are so good why all the money to promote them? Answer is they are good for one thing making money for insurance companies, beware.
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    One of those times when you see an incredibly beautiful woman.

    In my younger days seeing a beautiful woman like that, and getting a smile in return for my gaze, I would think man I need to go talk to her, get to know her, ask her out maybe. In my older days I still enjoy the beauty, but my mind also says man how much trouble can that woman cause in my...
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    Do any of you belong to car clubs?

    I am a founding member of a car club. The Gasconade Timing Association. We have members with show cars to drag cars. Several members, including myself, raced Nostalgia Super Stock. We put on several shows a year. This April was the 30th annual Springfest car show on main street Owensville...
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    Street Racing Stories

    Did a lot of street racing in the day, 1975 to the early 1980's Had a 70 340 Dart 4-speed. Lived in a small town and we raced a couple miles out of town on Highway Y, about a 2-mile straightaway. Friendly fun, two brothers one had a 340 automatic Duster, and the other brother a 73 360...
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    Talk me out of a hellcat.

    I don't have the money to buy one, I have driven a couple, but they are one hell of a car. I would say when the history is written they are the pinnacle of muscle cars. I would get an automatic, a lot of power to try and speed shift. And just from my experience the new style manual...
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    Early B-Body hood scoops, opinions?

    Do the 64 Hemi scoop and convert the grill to two headlights like the super stock cars. I recently sold it but this is what mine looked like. I know mine was a race car, but I just thought they always looked good. Mine was a little taller than the stock hemi scoop to clear the carbs, go with...
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    Best Looking Car Ever Made

    Lot of pictures of beautiful cars in this thread, not many of them newer designs. I like 69 barracudas. But what ever your flavor, I just cannot stand the majority of new vehicles that look like easter eggs with random bumps and lines on them. I mean what are the designers thinking?
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    How old is too old?

    I am 67 and just started two cars. Maybe my last two don't know. But as long as you are healthy and can get around OK, I think building a car is the best therapy in the world to keep you young. My goal is die healthy. So, I want to enjoy my time whatever is left and don't want to sit and...