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  1. BadBee

    FOR SALE 3:55-1 /489 Case

    whole set up bolt and go excellent condition I'm not using it $700 FOB
  2. BadBee

    SOLD 383 Six Pack

    Still available?
  3. BadBee

    SOLD 68 440 complete

    Thanks, Also is this an HP block?
  4. BadBee

    SOLD 68 440 complete

    Is alternator and pulleys come with motor? Thanks
  5. BadBee

    FOR SALE New 0.30 over 440 six pack pistons & rods

    Do they have valve reliefs? We’re rods reconditioned? Thanks
  6. BadBee

    FOR SALE new 440 six pack pistons w/six pack rods

    I see reliefs on the pistons,what kind are they and were rods fluxed,shot and miked? Thanks, Mitch
  7. BadBee

    SOLD Mopar Performance Big Block Fuel Pump Push Rod

  8. BadBee

    FOR SALE air cleaners, transmission, exh mans, intakes, Carb, valve covers

    Tony, Air grabber for a 440 or 383?
  9. BadBee

    SOLD 1969 air grabber assembly

    HAHAHAHAHA laughing my balls off!!!
  10. BadBee

    SOLD 1969 air grabber assembly

    How Did the Factory ship the to the dealer??? UPS sells ALL kind of boxes, DIDN'T WE PUT A MAN ON THE MOON? Develop Nuclear energy and Submarines??
  11. BadBee

    SOLD 1969 air grabber assembly

    DisCharger!! KnK is a GREAT GUY and no BS with him!! Treat him right and HE'LL do the same! It seems on this thread he was the first to respond to your add!!???
  12. BadBee

    SOLD NOS Holley "Mechanical" Center, 6 Pack, 6bbl, Carburetor, #4782

    Ok Jimmy, if there's room to play PM me!!!
  13. BadBee

    SOLD NOS Holley "Mechanical" Center, 6 Pack, 6bbl, Carburetor, #4782

    True Hemi, It's a Direct Connection over the counter carb, I had em on my '69 Bee, I would do $400 by PayPal just to have a spare,your call, P.S. I don't care about the date code.
  14. BadBee

    SOLD 1969 air grabber assembly

    Stay on him KEVIN!!!
  15. BadBee

    SOLD 1969 air grabber air cleaner

    If you don't sell it bring it with you ill be there,, I need a 440 base, Thanks
  16. BadBee

    FOR SALE 69 383 Air Grabber

    Randy, I'm looking for a 440 base!! Keep me in mind!! Thanks, Mitch
  17. BadBee

    SOLD '68 bb bellhousing

    Pictures?? Casting #s???