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    Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory Drive System worth it??

    I started mine in the last week or so. I decided to run my heater hoses on the passenger side rather than under the intake. The mixing valve is mounted on the passenger fender since mine is an AC car so it would be too difficult to make work without trying to move the valve. 72 Satellite Gen...
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    Mopar hemi controller advice?

    I'm right there with you. I'm in the middle of installing the mid-mount kit on my 6.4 crate motor. I spent a year putting together my buy list, but 70chall440 is right. At some point you just have to start and pivot as you go.
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    Gathering parts for a 6.4 swap need advice

    The TR6060 is larger, so it requires more tunnel modification. The TKX on the other hand is smaller and doesn't require much if any trimming depending on the car.
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    Gen 3 Hemi Swap > Comprehensive Cost and Parts List

    $2500 for 6.4l and trans is a great deal. When I see them come up, engine alone is usually $7k+ and that's with 80k-100k miles. Make sure it isn't priced that way for a reason.
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    Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory Drive System worth it??

    Copper elbows sounds like a better solution, but wouldn't something like this work? Not sure on the size.
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    Holley Mid-Mount Complete Accessory Drive System worth it??

    Usually these types of tools you can rent for free at the auto parts store. Is that not the case with these? Regarding the heater lines, if you go under the intake, how hard it is to route back along the firewall? Under the intake would be a cleaner look, but I am unclear how much room there...
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    Holley cast aluminum pan

    I haven't purchased this yet, but had it saved for when I'm ready to start buying. Seems like the same part number the OP needed. Holley 302-74 Holley Gen 3 Hemi Dipstick and Tube Kit
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    New hemi stick transmission in 71 up b or e body

    From everything I've seen, the TR6060 6spd requires significant tunnel mods to fit. Regarding the handle, I'm sure you can swap it out to whatever you want. If you're planning on working on a challenger, you may get more help on the E-bodies forum.
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    Gen 3 Hemi Swap > Comprehensive Cost and Parts List

    Interesting. I was considering the Holley refit kit because I have a new tank and it's a bit cheaper. They also have a return-less setup I've looked into. I was also looking at the Aeromotive setup. I wonder if theirs is any quieter.
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    How many have done it?

    I'm curious to see what this looks like. I was looking at Dakota Digital this morning thinking maybe they had added support for the 71/72 B-bodies, but alas nothing. I'll be following closely as I'm planning on something similar. I'm leaning towards the T56 Magnum 6spd though as it appears...
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    Gen 3 Hemi Swap > Comprehensive Cost and Parts List

    That's a super helpful parts list. I've been working on my own for a future 6.4l swap. I've got a few more things I'm going to be tackling at the same time so my total is way higher, but it's cool to see how reasonably priced the swap can be done. How much of your list did you know you needed...