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  1. Ray Howes


    Our boy Ralston on sentry duty last July.
  2. Ray Howes

    Radiator overflow bottle for '73 Charger

    I am pretty sure no one will be critical of the fact that its discolored. Most if not all out there in vehicles will be the same. I have a spare but it too, is discolored!
  3. Ray Howes

    FOR SALE 74 Charger Rallye?(not mine)

    https://bodnarus.liveauctiongroup.com/1974-Dodge-Charger-2-Door-Hardtop-400-4BBL-VIN-WH23P4A106819_i46195302?fbclid=IwAR2y2Mvn904AUqTiBpcqPDIkhAfsPGEHm3h5T_hJGUIhbYIpM68alnnbsUo Nice looking car up for auction. Might be a bargain for our US friends looking, given the value of our loonie. Fender...
  4. Ray Howes

    Dealership Quotes $30,000 to Replace Battery in a $10,000 Chevrolet Volt

    I will take your word on that about SNOPES. This invoice has exploded social media. In this case it would appear that someone called the dealership to confirm, as like most all of you I have no interest in an EV at the moment. Costs like this are one main reason. In this case there appears to be...
  5. Ray Howes

    Dealership Quotes $30,000 to Replace Battery in a $10,000 Chevrolet Volt

  6. Ray Howes

    Official “not going to Carlisle” thread

    At 61 years of age and happy to be a proud Canadian, I have never felt that I have been deprived of any freedom. I have in the past enjoyed my trips to the USA. Was really looking forward to the greatest all mopar show there is. I drove down in my Challenger in 2018 to scope things out and was...
  7. Ray Howes

    Official “not going to Carlisle” thread

    This was the year I had planned to go after 2 years of border closures. Carlisle had graciously honored my 2 year old admission fees. I sat down and calculated that it would cost roughly $ 3500 Cdn to trailer the car down. A bucket list trip for sure, but not financially viable because of fuel...
  8. Ray Howes

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    My 73 Rallye, first time out of the garage this year.
  9. Ray Howes

    Removing A/C 73' Charger 400 SE

    Welcome fellow Manitoban! Would love to see some pictures of your now restored 73. When you say the AC is shot, shot how? Lines, compressor, dryer? As mentioned there is some value in those parts. As a restored show car, even if you don't get to use it there is some aesthetic beauty to...
  10. Ray Howes

    Fantastic photos of insects

    Not an insect by definition, but a pretty cool photo taken amongst the grape vines at the lake.
  11. Ray Howes

    Shipping from US to Canada

    If you absolutely need that part from that specific source and they insist on UPS, then depending on your proximity to the Canadian Customs office, you can clear it yourself. You just have to left UPS know this once you have the tracking number. They will email you the clearance forms, you take...
  12. Ray Howes

    FOR SALE 1973 1974 Charger mirrors

    Bought these several years ago through VANS and had them on my car until I located a pair of OEM mirrors. In very good if not excellent shape. $150 plus shipping from Canada R0E0M0
  13. Ray Howes

    FOR SALE 1974 Charger rear rubber bumper cushions

    Have a set of rubber bumper cushions that I believe are exclusive on a 1974 Charger. They pair with the chrome bumperettes. I say 1974 because these are the longer ones for that year. These are in very good condition for their age. Ribbing is in excellent shape one small flaw as noted in one of...
  14. Ray Howes

    73 Charger heater valve "Bracket"

    I am not sure if you can tell in these photos but I fabricated a bracket longer than the one used with the bakelite valve. I riveted it to the replacement valve. You will notice that I had to cut the replacement valve to get the fitment I was looking for. I am happy with it. Hope this helps.