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  1. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1967 Dodge Seat Medallions

    Saw someone looking for these and found them months later. Here is a pair of what look like 67 seat medallions in blue. Chrome is in great shape and the black is good also. There is a small flaw in the tip of one of the vinyl pieces. What you see is what you get. Backing plates are missing but...
  2. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1963-64 Chrysler Driver Remote Mirror

    Trying to clean up the garage and found this random mirror in a bin of 63-64 Chrysler stuff. I think the mirror was used 59-64 but am not sure on that so double check. Mirror is in great shape for its age but does have a few small pits and flaws. The adapter piece has the most flaws but I see...
  3. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1963 Plymouth Sport Fury Rear Finish Panels

    Here I have a set of rear finish panels correct for a Sport Fury. They are in good shape with some small nicks, and corrosion on the back. All pins are intact and has half the nuts. One peg is bent as shown in the picture. Could use a polish and repaint to be better. I would like $100 plus...
  4. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1969-70 Coronet "440" Fender Emblems

    Found these at the base of my computer monitor and thought I had sold them. The cat found them again for me. They are a gorgeous pair of original "440" fender emblems that are correct for 69 and 70 Dodge Coronet 440 models. Part number 2901810. You could bolt them on and go. The chrome is really...
  5. Part Stalker

    WTB 65 Tail panel trim

    I have a few sets.
  6. Part Stalker

    measurement on a '62 needed please...

    This is the measurement I got. Hard to tell from the pictures but it was right at 16". Let me know if you need another.
  7. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1964-5 Bucket Seat Side Trim

    $60 plus shipping
  8. Part Stalker

    SOLD 1966-70 Rear Arm Rest with Ashtrays

    Here I found a box with a couple pairs of rear arm rest with ashtrays. Pads are in good shape with no cracks but could use a cleaning. Each pair has a questionable ash tray but I will include an additional tray and ring. Then there are some other mismatched pieces. There is also one base that I...
  9. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1966-69 B body 4 Speed Transmission Cross Member

    Found this in a pile of cross members that I don't remember where I got. Trying to thin the piles of stuff I will likely never use. In nice original condition with just a little grease and stuff on the inside. I was going to paint it but didn't want to seem like I was hiding anything. I would...
  10. Part Stalker

    SOLD Sunvisor Seat Belt Clips

    Sent a PM.
  11. Part Stalker

    SOLD 1966-67 9" Rear Arm Rest Pads with Ashtrays

    I believe that these fit 66-67 as they aren't square like the later ones from a conversation on here. They are in decent shape for their age with a few flaws as shown. Also one ashtray looks like it has a small dent on top but I will include another if I can find one. Need a good cleaning and...
  12. Part Stalker

    SOLD Sunvisor Seat Belt Clips

    Here I have a set of seat belt clips that fit under the sunvisor and attach the shoulder belt I believe. I don't know what years these fit exactly but I have seen the same listed as 68-69. They are labelled 8R and 8L. In good shape with some finish flaws as shown. I would like $15 plus shipping...
  13. Part Stalker

    SOLD 1963-64 10" Dog Dish Caps

    I have way too many sets of these so I am cleaning bin by bin. Here is a driver quality set of these stainless steel caps perfect for bombing around or upgrading the looks of your parts car so the neighbors think it doesn't look like a yard turd. There are some scuffs and small dings as shown in...
  14. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1968-69 Steering Column Trim Cover

    How about $20 shipped in the CONUS?
  15. Part Stalker

    SOLD 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II gas cap project

    Finally found this gas cap when it rolled out from under the seat. I got this on one of our many adventures but don't have time to play with it anymore. As you can see it needs love but it is what it is. If someone wanted to refinish the cap and use the emblem from the other side or somehow form...
  16. Part Stalker

    FOR SALE 1968-69 Steering Column Trim Cover

    Blue cover sold.
  17. Part Stalker

    SOLD 1962-65 Four Door Sill Plates Set of 8

    Bump. Don't let the shipping scare you as the last set I sent wasn't too bad at all.