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  1. Belchfire 5000

    Another IBM card question

    I'm trying to recreate my illegible IBM card for my 66 Charger. I'm using MoparRobTx card as a base but I can't read some of the text and numbers. If anybody has one and can tell me what text is in rows 48, 56, 58 & 62 (black arrows) and what the small numbers at the top are (red arrows) are it...
  2. Belchfire 5000

    What the heck??!!??

    Saw this on the interweb today. Pretty scary....
  3. Belchfire 5000

    question for the headlight experts

    Was cleaning the headlights the other day and used the override switch to keep them opened while I worked. Finished up and the headlights won't close. Took the override switch out and cleaned the contacts and no change. The FSM says to check continuity to ground on it to make sure it works but...
  4. Belchfire 5000

    another blinker switch question

    Replaced the blinker switch on the 66 Belchfire with an aftermarket one and it solved the brake light problem but it's really a piece of junk. A previous poster said he fixed his OEM one by soldering the wires but I can't see how to remove the cancelling cam to check the wires. Know it can be...
  5. Belchfire 5000

    Anybody heard from Topher?

    Have had dealings with him before and they were fine but sent him my wiper motor 2 months ago and he said it needed an armature over a month ago but haven't heard from him since. He won't answer emails and with my car being an original 61K mile car daily driver I need the motor back. Hate to...